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Philip Adsley Philip Adsley (Physics)
Experimental nuclear physics
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Aldo Bonasera Aldo Bonasera (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear physics
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Greg Christian Greg Christian (Physics)
Adjunct faculty member
Nuclear structure and astrophysics, transfer reactions, and neutron detection
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Cody Folden Cody Folden (Chemistry)
Chemical properties of heavy and superheavy elements, and nuclear forensics
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Rainer Fries Rainer Fries (Physics)
Theory of nuclear collisions, quark gluon plasma, and hadrons
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Carl Gagliardi Carl Gagliardi (Physics)
Fundamental interactions, nuclear astrophysics, and the QCD structure of nucleons and nuclei
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John Hardy John Hardy (Physics)
Emeritus Professor
Fundamental interactions and exotic nuclei
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Jeremy Holt Jeremy Holt (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear physics and astrophysics
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Che-Ming Ko Che-Ming Ko (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear physics
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Dan Melconian Dan Melconian (Physics)
Fundamental interactions using trapped atoms and ultra-cold neutrons
Saskia Mioduszewski Saskia Mioduszewski (Physics)
Experimental nuclear, high energy heavy-ion physics
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Joe Natowitz Joe Natowitz (Chemistry)
Emeritus Professor
Heavy-ion reaction dynamics and thermodynamics
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Ralf Rapp Ralf Rapp (Physics)
Theory of quark-gluon plasma and heavy-ion physics
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Grisha Rogachev Grisha Rogachev (Physics)
Nuclear structure, nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics
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Shalom Shlomo Shalom Shlomo (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear physics
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Bob Tribble Bob Tribble (Physics)
Fundamental interactions and nuclear astrophysics
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Sherry Yennello Director Sherry Yennello (Chemistry)
Heavy-ion reaction and isospin studies
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Akram Zhanov Akram Zhanov (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear astrophysics and nuclear reaction theory
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