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A Position Extension E-mail
Abbott, Austin Graduate Research Assistant 295
Abegglen, Fred P. Cyclotron Operations Chief 250
Aboona, Bassam Emad Graduate Research Assistant 295
Achekzai, Tahmina S. Graduate Assistant Researcher
Adsley, Philip Assistant Professor 304
Alafa, Alex C. Graduate Research Assistant
Alvarez, Arthur Graduate Assistant Researcher
Amberger, Ryan Thomas Graduate Research Assistant
Apata, Samuel Martin Student Worker
Avila, Geoffrey Research Assistant 288
B(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Barbui, Marina Associate Research Scientist 258
Barton, Paula K. Business Associate III 222
Bartsch, Robert Günther López Graduate Research Assistant
Bonasera, Aldo Senior Scientist 293
Bukowski, Annie Student Worker
Burch Jr, Robert H. Systems Administrator III 290
Burhans, Emily Undergraduate Student
C(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Callaway, Cade Joseph Accelerator Technician I
Carrera-Moreno, Damaris Lhea Student Worker
Clark, Henry L. Accelerator Physicist 262
Cohen, Jeffery Benjamin Research Specialist I
Cook, Titeana La'Tunjya Michele Graduate Assistant Researcher
Cowden, Timothy J. Electronics Technician II 308
D(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Depastas, Theodoros Michail Alexandros Graduate Research Assistant
Dias Rodrigues, Marcia Regina Assistant Research Scientist 303
Diaz, Briana Renee Undergraduate Student
F(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Fentress, Aster J. Graduate Research Assistant
Flittie, Jason Graduate Research Assistant
Folden III, Charles M. Associate Professor 247
Friedenberg, David Graduate Research Assistant
Fries, Rainer J. Associate Professor 275
Frost, Brian M. Machinist II
Fu, Kaiyu Research Assistant
G(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Gagliardi, Carl A. Professor 238
Garcia, Jenna Renee Graduate Research Assistant
Garcia ruiz, Carlos Arturo Research Instrumentation Specialist
Garcia Varon, Kevin Student Worker
Gathings, Leigh N. Senior Research Instrumentation Specialist 309
Gauthier, Jérôme Assistant Research Scientist 292
Green, Brooklyn Student Worker
H(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Hagel, Kris Research Scientist 253
Hankins, Travis Graduate Research Assistant
Hardin, Thomas Graduate Assistant Researcher
Hardy, John C. Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) 225
Harris, Emily Ann Graduate Research Assistant
Harvey, Bryan M. Graduate Research Assistant
Haynes, Isaac William Graduate Research Assistant
Henderson, L. Ethan Graduate Research Assistant 303
Hoagland, Michael John Accelerator Technician I
Holloway, Matthew Warren Research Assistant
Holt, Jeremy W. Associate Professor 305
Horvat, Vladimir Research Scientist 246
Hyman, Bruce C. Senior Research Associate 237
I(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Iacob, Victor E. Research Scientist 232
J(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Jeske, Sharon R. Business Administrator I 224
Junek, Johnnie Accelerator Technician I 248
K(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Kennas, Miltiadis D. Research Associate 235
Kim, George J. Accelerator Physicist 276
Kirkland, Amelia Graduate Research Assistant
Ko, Che-Ming Distinguished Professor 233
Koshchiy, Yevgen Associate Research Scientist 294
Kovacs, Isabel Anna Student Worker
L(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
LaPoint, Brian Jason Electronics Technician I 252
Lawrence, Christine Program Coordinator I 298
Lawrence, Dwight Business Coordinator II 242
Le, Marcus Undergraduate Student
Lestone, Anthony James Graduate Assistant Researcher
Liu, Yanfang Graduate Research Assistant 295
Lopez, Jaime P. Graduate Assistant Researcher
Lui, Yiu-Wing Research Scientist 255
Luo, Zifeng Graduate Research Assistant
M(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Ma, Tianyang Graduate Research Assistant
Maslov, Konstantin Postdoctoral Research Associate
May, Donald P. Accelerator Physicist 278
McCann, Laura Ann Graduate Research Assistant
McClain, David J. Graduate Research Assistant 295
McIntosh, Lauren A. Assistant Research Scientist 274
McIntosh, Alan B. Associate Research Scientist 291
Melconian, Dan G. Professor 260
Menchaca, Daniel I. Senior Health Physicist 272
Mildon, Jordan Graduate Research Assistant 2147483647
Mioduszewski, Saskia Professor 243
Molitor, Stephen L. Senior Mechanical Engineer 231
Mynar, James A. Vacuum & Cryogenics Technician I 271
N(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Natowitz, Joseph B. Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) 223
Nica, Ninel Research Scientist 244
O(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Ochoa, Brennan Lee Accelerator Technician I
Olsen, Robert S. Senior Mechanical Engineer 254
Onyango, Thomas Graduate Research Assistant
P(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Park, Hyo-In Accelerator Physicist 302
Parker, Cameron Scott Graduate Research Assistant
Peeler, William H. Research Specialist V 249
R(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Rapp, Ralf Professor 226
Rashidazad, Mozhdeh Graduate Assistant Researcher
Regener, Sebastian Swen Undergraduate Student
Reuter, Madison Student Worker
Rodriguez Bustos, Santiago Student Worker
Roeder, Brian Accelerator Physicist 251
Rogachev, Grigory V. Professor 296
Roosa, Michael Graduate Research Assistant 295
Russell, Stephen Research Specialist III 308
S(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Santucci, John Graduate Research Assistant
Schmidt, Shane N. Accelerator Technician II 310
Schnerr, Britt -. Machinist II
Schultz, Steven Joel Graduate Research Assistant
Sengupta, Arjun Graduate Research Assistant 295
Shaffett, Nathan Floyd Graduate Assistant Researcher
Sherman, Daniel A. Accelerator Technician II 248
Shin, Eunkyoung Graduate Research Assistant
Shlomo, Shalom Senior Scientist 230
Skinner, Tristin Page Graduate Assistant Researcher
Sorensen, Maxwell Q. Graduate Research Assistant 295
Stahulak, Laina Michniak Graduate Assistant Researcher
Stone, Kolby Accelerator Technician I
Sung, Haesom Student Worker
T(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Tabacaru, Gabriel C. Accelerator Physicist 277
Tang, Zhanduo Graduate Research Assistant 295
Tobar, Justin M. Graduate Research Assistant
Tribble, Robert E. Distinguished Professor 229
Tyler, Jace E. Graduate Research Assistant
V(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Vargas-Calderon, Brayden Miguel Undergraduate Student
Vickers, Alan Cory Research Specialist III 252
Virupapuram, Pragna Professor
Vodur Satheesh Kumar, Tharun Krishna Graduate Assistant Researcher
W(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Wada, Roichi Research Scientist 289
Wellons, Benjamin Shemaiah Graduate Research Assistant
Wen, Pengsheng Graduate Research Assistant
Whitely, Sally Administrative Associate II 221
Wu, Biaogang Graduate Research Assistant
Y(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Yendrey, Eric J. Vacuum & Cryogenics Technician II 311
Yennello, Sherry Jean Director & Professor 234
Yuan, Tingwei Graduate Assistant Researcher
Z(back to top) Position Extension E-mail
Zakusilova, Vera Postdoctoral Research Associate
Zhu, Zhe Research Assistant
Zimmerhanzel, Kristina Business Associate I 312