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complete listing: 141 people

A Position Office Extension E-mail
Abbott, Austin Graduate Research Assistant 338-05a 295
Abegglen, Fred P. Cyclotron Operations Chief 203 250
Aboona, Bassam Emad Graduate Research Assistant 338-06a 295
Aboud, Eric Evan Graduate Research Assistant 338-04a 295
Adams, Roger Lee AC / Refrigeration Mechanic II 117 252
Ahn, Sunghoon (Tony) Assistant Research Scientist 212 241
Anderson, Derek Murphy Graduate Research Assistant 338-06c 295
Ascione, Alexander Jerome Undergraduate Student
Atchison, Joseph IIsaiah Graduate Research Assistant 338-09c 295
Avila, Geoffrey Research Assistant 206 288
B(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Barbui, Marina Assistant Research Scientist 317 258
Barton, Paula K. Business Associate III 201 222
Berg, Georg Visiting Scholar
Bishop, Jack E. Postdoctoral Research Associate 245 274
Bonasera, Aldo Senior Scientist 323 293
Bosh, Alexandra Justice Graduate Research Assistant 338-03b 295
Bullard, Brant Stores and Procurement Officer II 229 242
Burch Jr, Robert H. Systems Administrator III 318 290
Burns, Jonathan D. Research Scientist 310
C(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Callaway, Cade Joseph Accelerator Technician I
Christian, Gregory Assistant Professor 101 304
Chubaryan, Grigor Research Scientist 209 316
Clark, Henry L. Accelerator Physicist 205 262
Couder, Manoel Visiting Scholar
Cowden, Timothy J. Electronics Technician II 112-C 308
D(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Dede, Stefania Graduate Research Assistant 338-08f 295
Dias Rodrigues, Marcia Regina Assistant Research Scientist 243 303
F(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Folden III, Charles M. Associate Professor 328 247
Foxworth II, Gregory L. Accelerator Technician I 114 248
Fries, Rainer J. Associate Professor 332 275
G(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Gagliardi, Carl A. Professor 334 238
Garcia, Jenna Renee Graduate Research Assistant 338-02a
Garza, Fabian Graduate Research Assistant 338-07c
Gathings, Leigh N. Senior Research Instrumentation Specialist 114-A 309
Gauthier, Jérôme Assistant Research Scientist 243 261
Godbey, Kyle Postdoctoral Research Associate 101
Griffin, Morgan Bailey Student Worker 101
H(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Hagel, Kris Research Scientist 314 253
Hanhart, Richard A. Machinist II 108 245
Hannaman, Andy Graduate Research Assistant 338-05d 295
Hardy, John C. Distinguished Professor 330 225
Harper, Bill Bryan Machinist I 101
Harris, Emily Ann Graduate Research Assistant 338-03d
Harvey, Bryan M. Graduate Research Assistant 338-05b
Henderson, L. Ethan Graduate Research Assistant 338-01a 303
Holt, Jeremy W. Assistant Professor 333 305
Hood, Ashley Ann Postdoctoral Research Associate 235 299
Horvat, Vladimir Research Scientist 211 246
Hunt, Curtis N. Graduate Research Assistant 338-03e 295
Hunt, Ethan Graduate Research Assistant 338-10f
Hyman, Bruce C. Senior Research Associate 216 237
I(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Iacob, Victor E. Research Scientist 312 232
Iles, Haley Student Worker 101
J(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Jedele, Andrea Graduate Research Assistant 338-05f 295
Jeske, Sharon R. Business Administrator I 201-B 224
Jeske, Colby Student Worker 101
Junek, Johnnie Accelerator Technician I 114 248
K(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Kennas, Miltiadis D. Research Associate 214 235
Kim, George J. Accelerator Physicist 215 276
Ko, Che-Ming Distinguished Professor 337 233
Kolhinen, Veli Sakari Postdoctoral Research Associate 237 300
Kordell, Michael C. Postdoctoral Research Associate 241 286
Koshchiy, Yevgen Assistant Research Scientist 322 294
L(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
LaPoint, Brian Jason Electronics Technician I 117 252
Liu, Yanfang Graduate Research Assistant 338-06e 295
Lofton, Kylie Nicole Undergraduate Student
Lui, Yiu-Wing Research Scientist 324 255
Luo, Zifeng Graduate Research Assistant 338-03c
M(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Martin, Caleb Accelerator Technician I 114 248
May, Donald P. Accelerator Physicist 213 278
McCann, Laura Ann Graduate Research Assistant 338-01b
McCarthy, Mallory Undergraduate Student 233 298
McClain, David J. Graduate Research Assistant 338-04d 295
McIntosh, Lauren A. Assistant Research Scientist 210 261
McIntosh, Alan B. Assistant Research Scientist 319 291
Melconian, Dan G. Professor 331 260
Menchaca, Daniel I. Senior Health Physicist 123-B 272
Mioduszewski, Saskia Professor 326 243
Molitor, Stephen L. CAD Designer 242-A 231
Mukhamedzhanov, Akram Senior Scientist 327 228
Mynar, James A. Vacuum & Cryogenics Technician I 101 271
N(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Nasser, Morgan Graduate Research Assistant 338-04f
Natowitz, Joseph B. Distinguished Professor 301 223
Nica, Ninel Research Scientist 311 244
Norman, Brody Machinist II
O(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
O'Dwyer, Rory Undergraduate Student 233 298
Olsen, Robert S. Senior Mechanical Engineer 242-B 254
Onyango, Thomas Graduate Research Assistant 338-09d
Ota, Shuya Assistant Research Scientist 237 300
Ozmetin, Asim Graduate Research Assistant 338-04c
P(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Pan, Jinjin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Park, Hyo-In Accelerator Physicist 214 302
Parker, Cody E. Postdoctoral Research Associate 212 241
Peeler, William H. Research Specialist V 117-A 249
Potter, Matthew Research Specialist III 117 248
R(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Ramirez, Mariah Graduate Research Assistant 338-06b 295
Rapp, Ralf Professor 329 226
Reyes, Aaron Undergraduate Student 101
Robicheaux, Stephen Joseph Graduate Research Assistant 338-07d 295
Roeder, Brian Accelerator Physicist 217 251
Rogachev, Grigory V. Professor 336 296
Romo, Jedidiah Michael Student Worker
Roosa, Michael Graduate Research Assistant 338-08d 295
Russell, Stephen Research Specialist III 112-C 308
S(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Saastamoinen, Antti J. Assistant Research Scientist 206 288
Sarver, Isaac Graduate Research Assistant 338-09f 295
Schmidt, Shane N. Accelerator Technician II 123 310
Schnerr, Britt -. Machinist II
Schnerr, Britt -. Machinist II
Schultz, Steven Joel Graduate Research Assistant
Scriven, Dustin Phillip Graduate Research Assistant 338-08c
Sengupta, Arjun Graduate Research Assistant 338-07a 295
Settlemyre, Thomas Edward Graduate Research Assistant 338-08b
Sherman, Daniel A. Accelerator Technician II 114 248
Shidling, Praveen D. Assistant Research Scientist 320 292
Shin, Eunkyoung Graduate Research Assistant 338-10d
Shlomo, Shalom Senior Scientist 325 230
Sorensen, Maxwell Q. Graduate Research Assistant 338-05c 295
Stahulak, Robert John Graduate Research Assistant 338-10a
Sun, Kai-Jia Postdoctoral Research Associate 241 286
T(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Tabacaru, Gabriel C. Accelerator Physicist 207 277
Tang, Zhanduo Graduate Research Assistant 338-09b 295
Tereshatov, Evgeny Assistant Research Scientist 208 306
Theiss jr, Jerald Machinist II 108 245
Thomas, John Student Worker 101
Tobin, Zachary N. Graduate Research Assistant 338-05e
Tribble, Robert E. Distinguished Professor 204 229
Tyler, Jace E. Undergraduate Student
V(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Veerasingam, Navatheepan Accelerator Technician I 114 248
Vickers, Alan Cory Research Specialist III 117 252
Vonder Haar, Amy L. Graduate Research Assistant 101
W(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Wada, Roichi Research Scientist 315 289
Wen, Pengsheng Graduate Research Assistant 338-10b
Whitehead, Taylor R. Graduate Research Assistant 338-10e 295
Whiteley, Larry S. Instrumentation Shop Supervisor 108-B 256
Whitely, Sally Administrative Associate II 221 221
Wu, Biaogang Graduate Research Assistant 338-09e
Y(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Yendrey, Eric J. Vacuum & Cryogenics Technician II 123-C 311
Yennello, Sherry Jean Director & Professor 201-A 234
Z(back to top) Position Office Extension E-mail
Zimmerhanzel, Kristina Business Associate I 229-B 312
Ärje, Juha Research Scientist 313 287