The Horizon-broadening Isotope Production Pipeline Opportunities (HIPPO) collaboration, sponsored by the Department of Energy's Isotope Program, exists to expose students to the different activities that are required to provide the nation with radioisotopes needed for science and other applications. We are committed to bringing a diverse group of students to sites involved in research and production of isotopes across the country.

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Stated Code of Conduct

Faculty, staff, and students of HIPPO share a common interest—to contribute to society through research and education. This is best conducted when everyone behaves in a welcoming and respectful manner. Creating a collegial, safe, and supportive environment is everyone’s responsibility. HIPPO is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming for everyone.


HIPPO announces an exciting opportunity for students to participate in isotope production research. Students will be able to work with highly renowned faculty and staff from a variety of institutions. Learn more about this program here.