Opportunities for Graduate Students

Participation in this program will be limited to students enrolled full-time in graduate school.

Minimum participation in this program will be one year, starting in May 2024. As a part of this collaboration, graduate students who are working on isotope production-related research projects during the school year, will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons by visiting another HIPPO institution to conduct research.

They will also have the opportunity to participate at one or more of the weeklong HIPPO campuses (remotely or in person) and will be expected to take part in the one week summer workshop at a DOE National Lab Isotope Production site. This summer's trip will be to Brookhaven National Laboratory.

This will require applying for a badge from the national lab, which will mean sharing citizenship information, etc. with the laboratory management. The HIPPO experience will provide students with new lab skills, networking opportunities and open up exciting new career paths in nuclear and radiochemistry.

Graduate researcher applications are now open until February 19, 2024. The application form is available here.

Questions: Contact hippo at tamu dot edu