We do offer tours of our facility to educational groups on a limited basis.  Visitors will learn how a cyclotron works and get to see the ion source, control room, and one of the experimental halls.  Unfortunately, access to the cyclotron itself is dictated by operational constraints which cannot be predicted in advance.

If you would like to schedule a tour of the Cyclotron Institute, please contact Sally Whitely at ude TOnullD umat TOD pmnullonullcnull nullTA WynullllaSnull or +1-979-845-1411.

Map to the Institute

Some notes about the tour:

  • The maximum number of persons allowed per tour is eight, including any chaperones.  We can have two tours in progress at once, so up to 16 persons are allowable per tour time.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted on the tour.
  • The tour lasts approximately one hour.  Please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes early so that everyone can sign in.
  • The building contains many devices which produce radiation.  These are well-shielded, but there is still some chance that you could be exposed to radiation.  We will give you a temporary dosimeter to monitor your exposure.  Generally, the doses from the tour are much less than a single dental x-ray.  If you have any questions about radiation then feel free to ask your tour guide.
  • Please wear pants and closed-toe shoes.  Please do NOT wear high-heeled shoes.  There are a small number of stairs to climb, and they contain metal grating.  Narrow heels could fall through the grating.
  • Unfortunately, the tour is NOT wheelchair accessible due to the age of the building.
  • A limited number of tours are available in Spanish depending on the availability of personnel.  Please mention if you are interested in a Spanish-language tour.
  • The Cyclotron Institute has a partial exemption from recent legislation regarding carrying concealed handguns on campus because of the significant risk of catastrophic harm due to a negligent discharge.  As a result, licensed carry of a handgun is not allowed in many parts of the facility, and our tours will go into those areas. No one will be permitted on a cyclotron tour while carrying a handgun.