DOE Highlights Posters

Discovering Evidence of Superradiance in the Alpha Decay of Mirror Nuclei
Tunable Bonds: A Step Towards Targeted At-211 Cancer Therapy
Cancer Countermeasures on a Column
New Elegant Method for Rapid Recovery of Anti-Cancer Agent At-211
Scientists Further Their Investigation into the Origin of Elements in the Universe
A Deeper Look Into Ionic Liquid and Water Interactions
Studying the Mechanisms of Metal Extraction with Ionic Liquids
DON’T TOUCH How Scientists Study the Reactions Inside Stars
CHEMISTRY for the Bottom of the Periodic Table
It’s Cooler with More Neutrons
The Puzzle of Super Heavy Helium Isotope – 9He
Simple Oscillations of the Nucleus of the Atom Can We Predict Them
Nucleation and Cluster Formation as a Mechanism for Ternary Fission Fragment Production
Precise Radioactivity Measurements A Controversy Settled