Cyclotron Institute Research Development (CIRD) Program

The CIRD program is an open and competitive path for every staff member to pursue funding for his/her great idea. Proposals can include funding for personal, equipment or beam time. Funds can be requested for up to 3 years. If a proposal is recommended for multiyear funding it will be reviewed annually before funds for the subsequent years are released. Evaluation criteria include innovation and creativity, potential scientific impact, viability of the research approach, qualifications of the team and potential impact. To guarantee fairness and transparency, and to ensure that the strongest proposals are funded, review will be done by a committee composed of all the Cyclotron Institute faculty members. All successful proposals must submit a final report suitable for a web highlight.

To submit a proposal, please upload a one-page description of the project, the projected impact, and the requested budget by 30 June 2020. All proposals must come with a statement of support by the relevant group leader. Shortly after the submission due date we will have a faculty meeting where everyone who has submitted a proposal will present their idea in no more than 2 slides and 8 min to the CI faculty. Following a discussion of the merits of the proposals, recommendations will be made to the Director who will make all final decisions.

Apply to CIRD

Log in using your udnulle.nullumatnull@nullDnullInulltnulleNnull email address. Please contact Prof. Sherry J. Yennello at unullde TOnullDnull unullmanullt TOD pnullmoc TA onulllnulllnullennullneYnull with any questions.

Highlights of Previous CIRD Sponsored Research

Dr. Sunghoon (Tony) Ahn, Micromegas for the Texas Birmingham Active Target (TeBAT)

Prof. Rainer J. Fries, Understanding the Quark Gluon Plasma with Machine Learning

Dr. Shuya Ota, Learning NuGrid, Teaching NuGrid

Prof. Ralf F. Rapp, X(3872) Transport in High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions