Facility Upgrade

Facility Upgrade Layout

On January 3, 2005 the Cyclotron Institute Upgrade Project (CIUP) began with the approval of the CIUP management plan by the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Physics. When completed, the upgraded facility will provide high-quality re-accelerated secondary beams in a unique energy range in the world. Funding for the upgrade comes from several sources: the Department of Energy, matching support from TAMU, the Robert A. Welch Foundation and beam time sales for testing electronics components at the Cyclotron Institute.

The CIUP is divided into three major tasks: (1) Re-commission of the existing K150 (88”) cyclotron and refurbish beam lines; (2) Construct light ion and heavy ion guides and produce 1+ radioactive ions; (3) Transport and charge boost radioactive ions and accelerate in the K500 cyclotron. The new beamlines are shown in red in the image above.