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Radiation Effects Facility


2021 Safety Forms

Safety Guidelines
Building Map for K500 Users
Building Map for K150 Users
Building Entry
Dosimetry Request Form
Health Questionnaire


Demo version of our SEUSS control software

LET vs Range Plots

LET vs Range for 15 MeV/u Beams
LET vs Range for 24.8 MeV/u Beams
LET vs Range for 40 MeV/u Beams

Air Gap Tables

Air Gap Data for 15 MeV/u Beams
Air Gap Data for 24.8 MeV/u and 40 MeV/u Beams


Target Frame
Typical Test Board
Positioning Platter

Hot Air Blower Manuals

K150 Remote Operation
K500 Remote Operation
Quick Start Guide
Hot Air Blower Software User Manual
FLIR IR Camera Manual Software Manual

Forms and Documents

Beam Time Request Form
Beam Time Request Form (word version)
Parking Map
Cryogenic Safety Guidelines
Building Entry
Safety Orientation
Heavy Ion Beam List
Beam Change Times
Beam Characterization and Verification
Beam Verification Data (updated Jan 2020)

Facility Brochures

Full Brochure
Heavy Ion Facility Brochure
Proton Facility Brochure