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Radiation Effects Facility

Contact Information

Our Address and Phone Number

Our physical address:

Cyclotron Institute
Texas A&M University
120 Spence St.
College Station, TX 77843-3366

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Our Mailing Address:

Cyclotron Institute
Texas A&M University
3366 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3366

Phone:     979-845-1411
Fax:          979-458-3213

Our Staff

Dr. Henry Clark
Facility Supervisor/Accelerator Physicist
Main contact for beam time scheduling, billing, and general facility questions.

Dr. Vladimir Horvat
Research Scientist
Main contact for SEUSS software, input/output signaling, general facility and safety related questions.

Bruce Hyman
Senior Research Associate
Main contact for beamline hardware, equipment receiving/shipping, general facility and website related questions.

Dr. Cody Parker
Accelerator Physicist
Main contact for the TAMU Boot Camp and Masters Program

Geoff Avila
Research Assistant

Dr. Milt Kennas
Research Associate

Dr. Brian Roeder
Accelerator Physicist

Dr. Gabriel Tabacaru
Accelerator Physicist

Dr. Hyo-In Park
Accelerator Physicist


Scheduling Time At Our Facility

HOURLY RATE: Contact Dr. Henry Clark, 979-845-1411 or

MINIMUM BILLING: There is an eight hour minimum billing, after that you are billed for time used including tuning time.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you schedule cyclotron time and need to cancel at a later date, you must notify Dr. Henry Clark ( two weeks prior to the start date to avoid the cancellation fee. The fee is in the amount of one half of the scheduled time.

AVAILABILITY: Please contact Dr. Henry Clark ( for availability information.

REQUIREMENTS: In order to be scheduled you must fill in and return the beam time request form by email to Dr. Henry Clark (

Each group requesting beam time at the Radiation Testing Facility must have a designated group leader who will be responsible for every member of his or her group. The group leader is expected to:

A. Send an email to Dr. Vladimir Horvat ( that includes the names of all people scheduled to attend the run, their affiliation, and their expected time of first arrival to the facility.

B. Make sure that everyone on the list has met all the requirements 48 hours before arriving on site. These requirements include the following:

1) Watch the K500 safety video and/or the K150 safety video.
2) Email the following to Dr. Vladimir Horvat (

a) Certificate of Completion of the online “SEE Line Radiation Safety Training – Cyclotron Institute” Course
b) Request for Dosimetry
c) Cryogenics Safety Guidelines form (if applicable)
d) Safety Information form (first-time visitors only)

It is highly recommended that everyone reviews our parking information. People expected to control our hardware and/or interact with Cyclotron personnel during the run should also become familiar with our software.

SEE Line Radiation Safety Training

The URL for the SEE Line Radiation Safety Training – Cyclotron Institute course is:

Group leaders will obtain the current password from Dr. Henry Clark ( along with the confirmation that their beam time has been scheduled.

Instructions: Click on the link above and register into the TAMU TrainTraq system as a non-employee of TAMU. Enter only the required information (marked by the asterisk *).

In order to receive your Certificate of Completion make sure that your email address is entered correctly.

To start the training, select course number 2114160 – SEE Line Radiation Safety Training – Cyclotron Institute, which is the last one on the list of available training courses.

An email with a link to your Certificate of Completion will be sent to you from the TrainTraq system after you finish the training and pass the Quiz with a score of 100%. Please email that certificate to Dr. Vladimir Horvat ( .










Beam Time Request Form