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Radiation Effects Facility


Radiation Safety

Test board radiation survey.

Numerous safety mechanisms in the form of administrative and engineered controls are incorporated into the design of the Radiation Effects Facility.

Radiation levels in the surrounding areas were measured while each available beam was brought into the heavily shielded target area at full intensity. It was found that the measured radiation levels would be safe for the beam intensities several orders of magnitude larger than those needed for typical radiation testing measurements.

The existing interlocks will deny access to the target area while the beam is present or if the radiation levels are unsafe for the general public. An interlocked door, a motion sensor and a surveillance camera are installed in the target area to ensure that no person is present there during beam irradiation and that no beam can be delivered into the area unless the area is evacuated and secured.

Every component of the interlock system is tested on a regular basis while the facility is being used continuously; once at the beginning of this period and then at least once every 72 hours. Radiation exposure of individuals present at the facility is monitored and controlled. Each individual is issued a radiation badge and is required to wear it at all times while in Cyclotron Institute building. On their first visit, all individuals are required to take a brief safety orientation before they are granted access to the facility.

Cryogenic Safety

Degrader Wheel

If you are planning to use cryogenics in your test, a detailed description of the cryogenic setup and procedure must be submitted in advance of your arrival to our facility. This description and procedure must meet with the approval of the Cyclotron Institute Safety Committee. In addition, you must provide written confirmation that someone in your group has previous experience with handling cryogenic liquids. While at our facility you must inform the operator on duty before you begin using any cryogenic liquid. You must also be thoroughly familiar with the information presented in the cryogenic safety form .

Safety Guidelines Form

Cryogenics Guidelines Form