Recap of Summer 2004 Program

2004 REU Group Picture

2004 Participants: (Front row L to R) Joshua Montague, Heber Martinez, Joel Greenberg, Jonathan Button, Rebecca Habas; (Back row L to R) Mike Cho, Samuel Zenobia, Shalah Allison, Sarah Lumpkins, Nelson Martinez, Justin Rollins.

Summer 2004 Student Presentations and Posters

Shalah Allison: Astrophysical Resonant Reaction in the Trojan Horse Method; (Poster, Presentation)

Jonathan Button: Detector Characterization and Installation for Study of GMR using 6Li Scattering; (Poster, Presentation)

Mike Cho:  CsI Detectors of NIMROD; (Poster, Presentation)

Joel Greenberg: Determining the ANCs for 13C?12C+n for Nuclear Astrophysical Studies; (Poster, Presentation)

Rebecca Habas: Pulse Shape Discrimination Using a Single Silicon Detector; (Poster, Presentation)

Sarah Lumpkins: Theoretical Predictions for Upsilon Production at RHIC and LHC; (Poster, Presentation)

Heber Martinez: Energy Dependence of Aluminum KL Double Ionization by Electron Bombardment; (Poster, Presentation)

Nelson Martinez: Prediction for PENTAQUARK in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision; (Poster, Presentation)

Joshua Montague: Measurement Of K-shell Fluorescent Yield In Iridium - A Test Of Internal Conversion Theory ; (Poster, Presenation)

Justin Rollins: Relocation of SEELine; (Poster, Presentation)

Samuel Zenobia: Re-commissioning MARS; (Poster, Presentation)




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