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ATTENTION: COVID-19 Safety Protocols Are Still In Effect for 2021


Before your arrival:

Watch the K500 safety video and/or the K150 safety video.

We will need to know who will be visiting with your test group.

We will need to verify that we have a dosimetry badge for all test members.

First time visitors and those that do not have a dosimetry badge will need to fill out and submit the Request for Dosimetry form prior to arrival.

First time visitors will also need to sign and submit the safety form.

Coordinate your initial arrival time at our facility with Dr. Henry Clark (

Upon arrival:

Refer to the building entry map if needed. Visitors may only use the back door for entry/exit.

View the visitor map to see areas that are open to you and those that are off limits.

Follow safety guidelines for preventing the spread of germs.

Observe social distancing practices.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

24-Hour Number: 979-845-1415

Dr. Henry Clark



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