Instructor: Dr. Rainer Fries

Important Information

Lecture Notes

Here are two chapters from my PHYS 601 (Analytic Mechanics) notes that contain material relevant for this course. They might be useful this semester.
Chapter 1 (Review of Newtonian Mechanics; typeset): This contains e.g. a discussion of the Galilei Group.
Chapter 4, sections 1-4 (Hamilton Formalism I; handwritten): A basic introduction to the Hamilton formulation of mechanics.
Chapter 4, sections 5-7 (Hamilton Formalism II; handwritten ): This contains e.g. an introduction to Hamilton-Jacobi theory.

PHYS 606 Notes: These are early versions of notes which can contain typos and other kind of errors. Please notify me of any errors you might notice.

Notes for Chapter I: From Classical Mechanics to Wave Mechanics [typeset]

Notes for Chapter II, Sections 1 through 4: Wave Mechanics, Part I [typeset]

Notes for Chapter II, Sections 5 and 6: Wave Mechanics, Part II [typeset]

Notes for Chapter II, Sections 7 through 9: Wave Mechanics, Part III [typeset]

Notes for Chapter II, Section 10: Wave Mechanics, Part IV [handwritten notes]

Notes for Chapter III: First Applications - 1D Problems [handwritten notes; note that section numbers have changed]

Notes for Chapter IV, Secs. 1-4: Introduction to Approximation Schemes, Part I [handwritten notes]

Notes for Chapter IV, Sec. 5: Introduction to Approximation Schemes, Part II [handwritten notes]

Notes for Chapter V: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics [handwritten notes]

Notes for Chapter VI: Angular Momentum and Rotationally Invariant Problems [handwritten notes]

Homework, Exams, and Solutions

Homework I, due January 26
Solution HW I

Homework II, due February 2
Solution HW II

Homework III, due February 21 (note changed date!)
Solution HW III

Homework IV, due March 2
Solution HW IV

Homework V, due March 9
Solution HW V

Homework VI, due March 21
Solution HW VI

Midterm exam

Homework VII, due April 4
Solution HW VII

Homework VIII, due April 13
Solution HW VIII

Homework IX, due April 20
Solution HW IX

Homework X, due April 27
Solution HW X

Solution Final Exam