Policies for office space at the Cyclotron Institute

Designation of Offices

The offices of the Cyclotron Institute are assigned by the Space Allocation Committee (SAC) to the different groups constituting the Institute (faculty, staff, post-docs, etc.) as outlined below. Note that except for special cases, offices are not assigned in an ad hoc manner, and that they are assigned on an as-needed basis; in particular, research groups should not assume that their group will continue to occupy a certain office/cubicle after a person (graduate student, post-doc, etc.) has left the Institute.

Process for Requesting an Office

For all new permanent personnel, post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, the request for office space will be routed through the administrative office when the new hire fills out his/her form for fob access to the Cyclotron Institute. The administrative office is responsible for submitting a request to the SAC with adequate notice prior to the new hire arriving: at least 4 weeks for permanent personnel, post-doctoral researchers and long-term (>1 month) visitors, and at least 2 weeks for graduate/undergraduate students and short-term visitors.

If the administrative office is not given enough time to process the paperwork for the new hire and no space is readily available, it will be the supervisor/hiring person's responsibility to place the new hire in an office already assigned to him/her until the SAC is able to find a long-term solution at its convenience. It is therefore highly recommended that hosts/supervisors initiate the paperwork as soon as possible by following the procedure for arriving personnel.

End of Appointments

As part of the procedure for departing personnel, the administrative office needs to be informed when personnel leave the institute (so that payroll may be terminated and keys/fobs/equipment returned). Administration, in turn, will inform the SAC that an office space will become available.

For visitors or others who are neither paid nor given fob access to the Institute, administration will not necessarily be aware a person is leaving; in these cases, we strongly request that the host/supervisor inform administration of the departure so that the database of office designations may be kept up to date.

The Space Allocation Committee
July 11 2019