Physics Festival tours of the Cyclotron Institute


The Cyclotron Institute cannot risk personnel contracting COVID, which would shut down our operations. Therefore, we unfortunately have made the difficult decision to cancel tours of the Cyclotron Institute for the Physics & Engineering Festival. Note that the Festival is going ahead (at a reduced capacity) on April 2nd, 2022. Please see for information about the Festival.

We are very thankful for your support of both the Festival and of science outreach, and we hope to see you at the 2023 Festival.

Welcome to the registration page for tours of the Cyclotron Institute.

Visitors will learn how a cyclotron works and get to see the ion source, control room, and at least one of the experimental halls. Access to one of our two cyclotrons is likely, but cannot be guaranteed; if no experiment is using it, the tour will include one of our cyclotrons.

Space is limited. We ask for the following information to reserve you a spot on the tour and only ask for contact information for safety reasons. Please fill out the form below to guarantee your spot.

Until registration opens for the next Physics Festival, you may request a tour here:

If you encounter any problems or require further assistance, please contact us at .