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A list of all publications that current and former TREND students have contributed to while a part of the program.

  • D. P. Carrasco-Rojas, M. Williams, P. Adsley, L. Lamia, B. Bastin, T. Faestermann, C. Fougères, F. Hammache, D. S. Harrouz, R. Hertenberger, M. La Cognata, A. Meyer, F. de Oliveira Santos, S. Palmerini, R. G. Pizzone, S. Romano, N. de Séréville, A. Tumino, and H.-F. Wirth, Searching for resonance states in 22Ne(p,γ)23Na, Phys. Rev. C 108, 045802 – Published 13 October 2023

Supported by DE-SC0022469

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