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About Us

The Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute, a Department of Energy University Facility, is jointly supported by DOE and the State of Texas and is a major technical and educational resource for the state and the nation.

At the Institute, we focus on conducting basic research, educating students in accelerator-based science and technology, and providing technical capabilities for a wide variety of applications in space science, materials science, analytical procedures and nuclear medicine. Approximately 100 Institute members – scientists, engineers, technicians, support staff, graduate students and undergraduate students – are involved in these programs.

Internationally recognized for its research contributions, the Institute provides the primary infrastructure support for the University’s graduate programs in nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics.

The Cyclotron Institute staff constructed, and now operate, our K500 superconducting cyclotron and its advanced ECR ion sources. Together, these provide a powerful arsenal of intermediate-energy projectiles for use in both fundamental and applied studies. A facility upgrade is now underway to expand the capabilities and allow us to accelerate radioactive ion beams. A large complement of sophisticated state-of-the-art detectors and spectrometers provides the associated instrumentation necessary for modern research in the areas of nuclear structure, weak interactions, exotic nuclei, nuclear astrophysics, intermediate-energy reaction dynamics, nuclear thermodynamics, the nuclear equation of state, atomic physics and applied nuclear science.

In addition to housing the locally based program, the Institute also serves as a technical support base for collaborative research programs at other major national and international accelerator facilities. Institute research accomplishments are detailed in the over 70 papers per year published by Institute scientists in leading scientific journals.

As an important national resource for accelerator-based science and technology, the Cyclotron Institute welcomes appropriate use of its facilities. Potential users of the facility are encouraged to contact us.

About Us

Faculty, staff, students and visitors at the Cyclotron Institute share a common interest—to contribute to society through research and education. This is best conducted when everyone behaves in a welcoming and respectful manner. Creating a collegial, safe and supportive environment is everyone’s responsibility. Harassment and discrimination are prohibited and the Cyclotron Institute is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming for everyone. Anyone who witnesses a breach of this code of conduct is strongly encouraged to notify a member of Institute management.


Congratulations to Bassam Aboona on winning one of the four awards for best junior contributions at Transversity 2024!

Congratulations to Brooklyn Greene on being one of the 2023 Coryell Award winners!

The Cyclotron Institute's annual report for 2022-2023, Progress in Research, is now available.

Scientists from around the world gathered at Texas A&M University to discuss time projection chambers in low energy science.

Congratulations to Dr. Sherry J. Yennello on being appointed University Distinguished Professor!

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