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Science Goals
(The WCI steering committee)

II-Transport properties
Editorial Committee: Pawel Danielewicz, William G. Lynch, Wolfgang Trautmann

1. Modelization of the EOS
(C.Fuchs, H.Wolter)

2. Deducing the nuclear matter incompressibility coefficient from data on isoscalar compression modes
(S.Shlomo, V.M.Kolomietz, G.Colo)

3. Systematics of Stopping and Flow in Au+Au Collisions
(A. Andronic, J.Lukasik, W.Reisdorf, W. Trautmann)

4. Interpretation of stopping and flows
(W.Lynch, P.Danielewicz)

5. High energy probes
(A. Bonasera, R. Coniglione, P. Sapienza)

6. Neck dynamics
(M. Di Toro, A. Olmi, R. Roy )

7. Radial flow
(W.Friedman, C.Dorso, F. Rami)

III-Decay properties
Editorial Committee: Bernard Tamain, Victor E. Viola

1. Systematics of fragment observables

2. Space time characterization
(R.Ghetti, J.Helgesson, G.Verde, A.Chbihi)

3. Critical comparison of models for fragment production
(A.Ono, L.Sobotka, J.Toke)

4. Statistical description of nuclear break up
(A. Botvina, I.Mishustin)

5. Instabilities in nuclear matter and finite nuclei
(V.Baran, J.Margueron)

IV-Isospin properties
Editorial Committee: Massimo Di Toro, Sherry Yennello

1. Isospin flows
(B.A.Li, S.Yennello, M.Di Toro)

2. Isotopic composition and scalings
(M.Colonna, B. Tsang)

V-Signals of phase transition
Editorial Committee: Francesca Gulminelli, Joe Natowitz, Rolf Scharenberg

1. Evolution of the GDR properties with excitation energy
(D.Santonocito, Y.Blumenfeld)

2. Nuclear Thermometry
( J.B.Natowitz, A. Kelic, K.H.Schmidt)

3. Calorimetry
(V.Viola, R.Bougault)

4. Yield scalings of clusters with fewer than 100 nucleons
(J.Elliott, L.Phair)

5. Nuclear Zipf law

6. Many fragments correlations
(B.Borderie, P.Desesquelles)

7. Fluctuations of fragment observables
(M.D’Agostino, F.Gulminelli)

8. Bimodalities: a survey of experimental data and models
(O.Lopez, M.F.Rivet)

VI-Challenges and perspectives
Editorial Committee: Philippe Chomaz , Lee Sobotka

1. Challenges for third generation nuclear detection
(N. Leneindre ,A. Pagano, R. DeSouza)

2. Links with condensed matter physics

3. Links with general physics

4. Links with thermodynamics
(L. Moretto)

5. Links with astrophysics
(C.J.Horowitz, M.Baldo)

6. Links between the liquid-gas and deconfinement-hadronization phase transitions

7. Links with nuclear structure

8. The challenges of finite systems statistical mechanics

9. Small fermionic systems: the common methods and challenges