Cyclotron Institute REU Program
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Summer 2019 Program

The Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, is serving as a Research Experiences for Undergraduates site during the summer of 2019.

This REU site focuses on research in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with internationally renowned scientists at a major university-based nuclear facility.

Undergraduates will gain research experience by carrying out specific projects under the direct supervision of Physics/Chmistry faculty at the Cyclotron Institute. Weekly discussions on forefront areas of Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Chemistry will be led by Institute faculty. Students will have the opportunity to share their work via an oral presentation and virtual poster session.

2019 REU Group

Participating Students
(students listed alphabetically with school and mentor also provided)

Parker Adamson
Parker Adamson / Angelo State University / Dr. Yennello
"Machine Learning: Potential Application for Particle Identification"    
(poster/ presentation / abstract)

Eren Akleman
Eren Akleman / A&M Consolidated High School / Dr. Tabacaru

Molly Aslin
Molly Aslin / Mount Holyoke College / Dr. Yennello
"Waveform Analysis and Signal Recovery from FAUST Detectors"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Iain Bisset
Iain Bisset / Colorado School of Mines / Dr. Shlomo
"Influence of Symmetry Energy Density on Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Audrey Farrell
Audrey Farrell / Stony Brook University / Dr. Bonasera
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Ellen Gulian
Ellen Gulian / University of Maryland - Baltimore County / Dr. Fries
"Using Machine Learning to Extract Properties of Systems of Particles"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Eric Lester
Eric Lester / Carnegie Mellon University / Dr. Rogachev
"Improved Waveform Analysis Techniques for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Miriam Matney
Miriam Matney / Rice University / Dr. Christian
"Measurement of proton quenching factors in p-terphenyl"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Meg McDonough
Meg McDonough / University of Dallas / Dr. Melconian
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson / Old Dominion University / Dr. Roeder
"Production of Nuclei on the Proton Dripline"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Javier Rufino
Javier Rufino / University of Texas at San Antonio / Dr. Holt
"Momentum Distribution of Nucleons in Isospin Asymmetric Nuclear Matter"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Matt Sibila
Matt Sibila / Ohio Northern University / Dr. Rapp
"Production of X(3872) in Ultra- Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions "
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Amy Vonder Haar
Amy Vonder Haar / Montclair State University / Dr. Folden
"Extraction of bismuth from nitric acid media using 1-octanol and hydrophobic liquid binary mixtures"
(poster / presentation / abstract)