Student Poster Guidelines

• Posters should be made such that they can scale easily to 40” x 30”
• Posters can be no wider than 35.6” (this is the limitation of our plotter)
• White or no background is preferred (this will save plotting time and our inkjet supplies)
• Use of color (in pictures, graphs, etc.) is fine; just don’t go overboard
• Be sure to save a final version of your poster in a portable format such as PDF and also in an editable MS-Windows version format (powerpoint, CorelDraw, word, etc.) for archiving purposes
• Posters from previous years are located in the hallway in the office area for reference (Click here to view a student poster from last year).
• If you have questions about these guidelines and/or you need assistance with the plotting of your poster please contact:

Bruce Hyman – Rm. 216 -


Stephen Molitor – Rm. 242 –

Images you may need for your poster (just right click and "save as"):

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