Summer 2016 Program

The Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, is serving as a Research Experiences for Undergraduates site during the summer of 2016.

This REU site focuses on research in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with internationally renowned scientists at a major university-based nuclear facility.

Undergraduates will gain research experience by carrying out specific projects under the direct supervision of Physics/Chmistry faculty at the Cyclotron Institute. Weekly discussions on forefront areas of Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Chemistry will be led by Institute faculty. Students will have the opportunity to share their work via an oral presentation and virtual poster session.

2016 REU Group

Participating Students
(students listed alphabetically with school and mentor also provided)

Jacob Abajian
Jacob Abajian / Trinity University / Dr. Ralf Rapp
"Developing a Universal Parameterization of Dilepton Emission Rates"    
(poster/ presentation / abstract)

Francois Bidault
Francois Bidault / Ecole Nationale Superieure D'Ingenieurs De Caen & Centre De Recherche / Dr. Dan Melconian

Zachary Elledge
Zachary Elledge / Wayne State University / Dr. Gregory Christian
"Studying the nuclear pairing force through 18O(26Mg,28Mg)16O "
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Matthew Golden
Matthew Golden / Ohio Northern University / Dr. Shalom Shlomo
"Theoretical Predictions of Giant Resonances in 94Mo "
(poster / presentation abstract)

John Harrison / South Dakota School of Mines and Technology / Dr. Rainer Fries
"Monte Carlo Simulations of Freeze-out with Momentum Constraints in High Energy Nuclear Collisions"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson / Swarthmore College / Dr. Grigory Rogachev
"Profiling CsI detectors"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Kassie Marble
Kassie Marble / Tarleton State University / Dr. Dan Melconian
"Assembling, cleaning, and testing a unique open-ended cylindrical penning trap (TAMU TRAP)"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Keighley Rockcliffe
Keighley Rockcliffe / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute / Dr. Jeremy Holt
" Analyzing chiral condensate dependence on temperature and density"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Vivian Sabla
Vivian Sabla / Middlebury College / Dr. John Hardy
"Precise Measurement of αT for the 39.76-keV E3 transition in 103Rh: Further Test of Internal Conversion Theory"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Kaitlin Salyer / University of Notre Dame / Dr. Grigory Rogachev
"A Study of the quality of CsI detectors and pulseshape discrimination of scintillators for ɑparticles, ɣparticles, and neutrons"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Ashton Short
Ashton Short / Angelo State University / Dr. Dave Youngblood
"Reconciling Giant Resonance Data "
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Austin Townsend
Austin Townsend / Stephen F. Austin State University / Dr. Sherry Yennello
"Characterizing BaF2 Detectors for use in Gamma Ray Detection"
(poster / presentation / abstract)

Kate Tran
Kate Tran / Eastern Kentucky University / Dr.Cody Folden
"Thallium extraction from hydrochloric acid media into a deep eutectic using bis(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate "
(poster / presentation / abstract)



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