Summer 2010 Program

The Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, is serving as a Research Experiences for Undergraduates site during the summer of 2010.

This REU site focuses on research in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with internationally renowned scientists at a major university-based nuclear facility.

Undergraduates will gain research experience by carrying out specific projects under the direct supervision of Physics/Chmistry faculty at the Cyclotron Institute. Weekly discussions on forefront areas of Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Chemistry will be led by Institute faculty. Students will have the opportunity to share their work via an oral presentation and virtual poster session.


Student Posters and Presentations
(students listed alphabetically with school and mentor also provided)


Austin Aguero / Angelo State University / Dr. Rupak Mahapatra
"Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS)"    
(poster / presentation)

Chris Canahui / CUNY Hunter College / Dr. Dave Youngblood
"Building a Decay Detector for Investigating Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonances in Radioactive Nuclei "
(poster / presentation)

Andrea Delgado / University of Texas at El Paso / Dr. Rainer Fries
"A Study of Jet Quenching Near The QCD Phase Transition"
(poster / presentation)

Jennifer Erchinger / Texas A&M University / Dr. Sherry Yennello
"Investigating The Fragmentation of Excited Nuclear Systems"
(poster / presentation)

John Martinez / Texas A&M University - Kingsville / Dr. Carl Gagliardi
"New Trigger Logic For The STAR Forward Meson Spectrometer (FMS)"
(poster / presentation)

Juan Olvera / Angelo State University / Dr. Henry Clark
"Acceleration of H- Ions For The Cyclotron Institute Upgrade"
(poster / presentation)

Andres Ortiz / University of Texas at El Paso / Dr. Ralf Rapp
"Transport Coefficients of Hadron Matter at Finite Temperature"
(poster / presentation)

Brian Pietsch / St. Norbert College / Dr. Saskia Mioduszewski
"Studying Jet Quenching Effects in Jets Recoiled From Direct Photons"
(poster / presentation)

Jose Rodriguez-Lopez / University of Texas at El Paso / Dr. Che-Ming Ko
"Transverse Flow of Light Clusters in Nuclear Reactions"
(poster / presentation)

Jeffrey Roe / University of Alabama / Dr. Alexei Safanov
"Electronic Design and Efficiency Analysis For The CMS Detector of The LHC"
(poster / presentation)

Jordan Sefcik / Angelo State University / Dr. Cody Folden
"Development of a Gas Stopper For Fusion-Evaporation Products"
(poster / presentation)

Victor Siller / Angelo State University / Dr. John Hardy
"Precise Measurement of  αk For The 65.7 keV M4 Transition From 119mSn: A Test of Internal Conversion Theory"
(poster / presentation)

Heather Stephens / Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology / Dr. Dan Melconian
"Production of Short-Lived 37K"
(poster / presentation)

Ruslan Idelfonso Magna Vsevolodovna / Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM / Dr. Aldo Bonasera
"Virial Expansion of The Nuclear Equation of State"
(poster / presentation)

Kenneth Whitmore / William Jewell College / Dr. Robert Tribble
"Production and Separation of Exotic Beams via Fragmentation Reactions Using MARS"
(poster / presentation)



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