Summer 2008 Program

The Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, is serving as a Research Experiences for Undergraduates site during the summer of 2008.

This REU site focuses on research in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with internationally renowned scientists at a major university-based nuclear facility.

Undergraduates will gain research experience by carrying out specific projects under the direct supervision of Physics/Chemistry faculty at the Cyclotron Institute. Weekly discussions on forefront areas of Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Chemistry will be led by Institute faculty. Students will have the opportunity to share their work via an oral presentation and virtual poster session.


Student Posters and Presentations for 2008
(students listed alphabetically with school and mentor also provided)

Kara Farnsworth / University of Arizona / Dr. Saskia Mioduszewski
Calibration of the shower maximum detector in the barrel EMC at STAR  ( poster, presentation)

Will Flanagan / University of Colorado at Boulder / Dr. Teruki Kamon
Probing 23% of the Universe at the Large Hadron Collider  (poster, presentation, project report page)

Paul Geffert / Texas A&M University / Dr. David Toback
Searching for a Dark Matter Candidate at the Fermilab Tevatron  (poster, presentation)

Lauren Greenspan / New York University / Dr. Akram Zhanov
The interaction of particles in the gravitational fields of mini black-holes (poster, presentation)

Mark Hernberg / University of Iowa / Dr. Dan Melconian
New measurements of gamma-ray branching ratio in the beta+ decay of 32Cl  (poster, presentation)

Aaron Hernley / Carnegie Mellon University / Dr. Rainer Fries
Jet conversion in a hadron gas  (poster, presentation)

Alberto Hinojosa-Alvarado / Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) / Dr. Shalom Shlomo
Modern energy functional for nuclei and nuclear matter  (poster, presentation)

Anthony Licata / North Georgia College and State University / Dr. Dave Youngblood
Giant Monopole Resonances  (poster, presentation)

Michael Mehlman / Rice University / Dr. Sherry Yennello
Determination of impact parameter for fermi energy heavy ion collisions using the HIPSE event generator
(poster, presentation)

Erika Navarro / Wellesley College / Dr. Carl Gagliardi
Gamma detection efficiency of state-of-the-art Ge detectors  (poster, presentation)

James Nolan / Centenary College of Louisiana / Dr. John Hardy
Precise measurements of alpha-k for the 346.5 KeV M4 transition 197Pt  (poster, presentation)

Shawn Witham / Kent State University / Dr. Ralf Rapp
Calculating dileptons from pions interacting with a disoriented chiral condensate  (poster, presentation)

Edward Wunder / Mississippi State University / Dr. Robert Tribble
Testing and classification of various types of silicon detectors (poster, presentation)



An overview of programs from previous years is available for review.


Program Dates: May 29 - August 6th, 2008




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