Title Author Link
Searching for Neutron-Proton Equilibration at Fermi Energies A. M. Jedele Ph.D. Thesis (2020)
Proton-Proton Correlation Functions Measured Using Position-Sensitive FAUST L.A. Heilborn Ph.D. Thesis (2018)
Pionic Fusion of ⁴He + ¹²C A. J. Zarrella Ph.D. Thesis (2018)
Isospin Equilibration in Fermi-Energy Heavy-Ion Nuclear Collisions L.W. May Ph.D. Thesis (2015)
Ternary Breaking of the Reaction System in Heavy-Ion Collisions Below the Fermi Energy P. Cammarata
Ph.D. Thesis (2015)
Dependence of the Asymmetry Energy and Time in Dynamical Models Using Isoscaling A. Raphelt M.S. Thesis (2014)
Isospin dependence of fragmentation S.N. Soisson Ph.D. Thesis (2010)
Transverse collective flow and emission order of mid-rapidity fragments in Fermi energy heavy ion collisisons Z. Kohley Ph.D. Thesis (2010)
Temperature and scaling studies from projectile fragmentation of 86,78Kr+64,58Ni at 35 MeV/A S. Wuenschel Ph.D. Thesis (2009)
N/Z equilibration in deep inelastic collisions and the fragmentation of the resulting quasiprojectiles A.L. Keksis Ph.D. Thesis (2007)
Symmetry energy and the isoscaling properties of the fragments in multifragmentation of 40Ca+58Ni,40Ar+58Ni and 40Ar+58Fe reactions J. Iglio M.S. Thesis (2007)
N/Z equilibration E. Bell Ph.D. Thesis (2005)
Caloric curve of 8 GeV/c ?-, p-bar+197Au reaction A. Ruangma Ph.D. Thesis (2002)
A study of the projectile fragmentation of isobaric nuclei D.J. Rowland Ph.D. Thesis (2000)
Isospin equilibration in the reaction 40Ar, 40Ca+58Ni E/A=33, 45 MeV H.L. Johnston M.S. Thesis (1996)