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March 2004 experiment looking at pulse shape and rise time. From front to back: Mike, Jennifer, Marian, Josh, Dinesh, and Cass.
Cass installing the detector telescope in the SEE line chamber.
Dinesh and Gus working on FAUST, the Forward Array Using Silicon Technology.
Eileen filing down screws to hold magnets on the target ladder. The magnets help deflect electrons.
George and Dinesh working on FAUST, the Forward Array Using Silicon Technology.
Marian watching the monitors during the March 2004 run.
Gus standing next to the completed FAUST installation and electronics setup for the 2001 FAUST run on the MARS line.
Mike installing the detector telescope during the March 2004 run.
Mike installing the detector during the March 2004 run.
George with his hex preamps, used during an RNB (Radioactive Nuclear Beam) run.
Sherry working on FAUST electronics setup.
Dinesh working with Brian and Romaldo from Indiana University during a collaboration run with First and Lassa Detectors.
Sara assembling R10-11 of NIMROD
Bob Olsen and Kris Hagel : assembling ISiS’s support structure for mounting in its chamber. (in the back) Stratos heroically attempting to master the jumbled cables – he did win in the end.
Katie and Stratos helping to get ISiS into the beem line
Bob Olsen : we had just discovered that we couldn’t close the R8-9 R10-11 vacuum chamber joint…
Bob Olsen and Kris Hagle : considering just what exactly was causing the inability to close the joint