The Partial Truncated Icosahedron (ParTI) phoswich detector array has been designed to detect charged pions and other light charged particles in pionic fusion reactions. The ParTI phoswich array is comprised of 15 plastic/CsI(Tl) phoswiches arranged on the faces of a truncated icosahedron geometry. It covers approximately 20% of the solid angle. The target is positioned in the center of the truncated icosahedron shape and the distance from the center to the face of the phoswich detectors is 4.75 inches for pentagonal phoswich geometries and 4.63 inches for hexagonal phoswich geometries phoswich geometries will be discussed more in the following section. Each face of the array is an individual aluminum frame which holds a single phoswich detector. The frames are held together using aluminum tabs machined with the appropriate angles to create the truncated icosahedrons geometry.  The array has been constructed and characterized in a series of beam experiments.

Current experiments with ParTI at the cyclotron institute:

A. Zarella thesis