40Ar+58Fe,70Zn and 40Ca+58Ni at 40A MeV

Data has been taken by L. Heilborn with the upgraded Forward Array Using Silicon Technology (FAUST) detectors and electronics for reactions of 40A MeV 40Ar+58Fe,70Zn and 40Ca+58Ni at the Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute. In energy calibrations of the silicon detectors in FAUST with a 228Th and its daughters result in the raw summed Front spectrum shown in Figure 1a. The width of these Gaussian peaks at each energy is increased by some position-dependence with location of the α, due to incomplete charge collection. In order to investigate the position dependence, the sum vs. the difference of the two either front or back signals is a raw way of plotting the energy of the alpha particle against the one-dimensional (1D) position of the hit on the detector. These plots should be linear and horizontal, as the energies deposited by the single energy alpha particles should not be dependent upon the position of the incident radiation. Our aim here is to remove any position dependence of the energy. The curvature and linearity of the fits vary with the energy of the α particles.


Calibrations of LCP data from recent FAUST Campaign 2015 Annual Report

Studying correlations in 40Ar+58Fe with FAUST