Texas A&M University Joint Institute For Nuclear Research

Super Heavy Nuclei

International Symposium

Texas A & M University, College Station TX, USA
March 31 - April 02, 2015
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SHE 2015 - Spring 2015 International Symposium on Super Heavy Nuclei
In the past forty years, twelve new elements have been synthesized and more than a hundred new nuclides have been produced. We have advanced by forty atomic mass units in a search for the limits of nuclear matter, but we have not reached these limits yet. Nevertheless, we have obtained new knowledge on the properties of the heaviest nuclei and in many cases we have confirmed the theoretical predictions. New powerful accelerators, unique neutron-rich actinide targets and radioactive isotope beams together with high-efficiency experimental facilities will give us a unique opportunity to make significant progress in exploring the nature and properties of the heavy and super-heavy nuclei at the borders of nuclear masses.

The 2015 International Symposium on Super Heavy Nuclei will be held on:
March 31 thru April 02, 2015, at
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas, USA
SHE 2015 Scientific Program
The Scientific Program topics
  • At the Border of the Island of the Super-Heavy Nuclei
  • Decay Properties and Nuclear Structure of the Heaviest Nuclei
  • Reactions of Synthesis of New Elements and Isotopes
  • Super-Heavy Atoms.  Chemistry of the Super-Heavy Elements
  • Production and Fabrication of Actinide Targets
  • Accelerator Facilities and Setups
The program will include 30 – 20 – 15-minute talks and short 5-minute oral contributions during the discussions, as well as poster presentations. It is expected that during the Symposium will be enough time for informal meetings where future research prospects and possible collaborations will be discussed.

An abstract should not exceed a single page and must be submitted as a camera-ready PDF file. Formatting guidelines: US Letter page size (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm) with text margins 0.75” (2 cm) on all sides.

Please submit abstracts by email to she2015@comp.tamu.edu before March 01, 2015.