Nuclear Theory Seminars at Texas A&M: Fall 2008

Location: Cyclotron Building (434), Seminar Room

Friday, September 26, 4:00pm
Mr. Xingbo Zhao, Texas A&M University
Charmonium Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions

Friday, October 24, 4:00pm

Friday, October 31, 4:00pm
Dr.  Felix Riek Cyclotron Institute TAMU
        We evaluate the pion and isobar propagators in cold nuclear matter self consistently
applying a covariant form of the isobar-hole model. Migdal's vertex correction
effects are considered systematically in the absence of phenomenological soft form
factors. It is shown that the short-range dressing of the pi N Delta vertex has a
significant effect on the pion and isobar properties. We study photoproduction off
nuclei in order to obtain constrains on the parameters of the model.
Using such realistic parameters sets we predict a downward shift of about 50 MeV for the
Delta resonance at nuclear saturation density.

    In addition we will present recent calculations for rho-meson photoproduction.

Friday, November 28, 4:00pm
no seminar (Thanksgiving)

Friday, December 5, 4:00pm
Professor Boa-an Li 
Head Department of Physics
Texas A&M University at Commerce
"Constraining the EOS of Neutron-Rich Nuclear Matter and Properties of Neutron Stars 
with Central Heavy-Ion Collisions"

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