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2011 CEU Recap

Poster Abstracts

EA.00016: Dipole Transport in Multi-fragmentation
Giacomo Bonasera

EA.00040: Bottomonium in the QGP: Production at RHIC and LHC
Andrew Emerick , Ralf Rapp

EA.00044: Improving Thick Germanium Detectors: Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Paulette Epstein , Rupak Mahapatra

EA.00051: Optimization of a Scintillator for the Measurement of Positrons from Trapped, Polarized $^{37}$K
Erin France , Dan Melconian

EA.00070: Finding the Incompressibility of Nuclear Matter
Jennifer Kachel

EA.00081: Conductance Control Iris for the K150 Cyclotron H- Ion Source
Armando Maldonado , Henry Clark , Gabriel Tabacaru

EA.00095: Software Implementation for the Characterization of Silicon Pixel Detectors
Kyle Miller , Ricardo Eusebi

EA.00096: A further measurement to test electron conversion theory: transitions produced following the $\beta$-decay of $^{116}$In
Sondra Miller , John Hardy , Ninel Nica , John Goodwin

EA.00113: $^{26}$Al Beam Production and its Application to Nuclear Astrophysics
B. Richard , R. Tribble , L. Trache , G. Pizzone , B. Roeder

EA.00119: Light Collection Efficiency in Thin Strip Plastic Scintillator for the Study of ISGMR in Unstable Nuclei
Jacob Shafer

EA.00144: Radiation Hardness of Trigger Electronics
Irene Zawisza , Alexei Safonov , Jason Gilmore , Vadim Khotilovich