Presentations of the International Symposium

Super Heavy Nuclei 2015

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA

March 31 - April 02, 2015

Current Status and Future Prospects on Super Heavy Nuclei Research
(Summary of the Symposium)

Witold Nazarewicz, FRIB/NSCL, MSU, USA; Sigurd Hofmann and Gottfried Müenzenberg, GSI,
Helmholtzzentrum, Germany; Joseph Natowitz, TAMU, USA; Yuichiro Nagame, ASRC, JAEA, Japan
Robert Eichler, PSI-University of Bern, Switzerland; James Roberto, ORNL, USA
Sidney Gales, INPN Orcay/CNRS, France; Yuri Oganessian, FLNR-JINR, Russia

March 31, 2015



Witold Nazarewicz, FRIB/NSCL MSU, USA - Super heavy Nuclei: Theoretical Challenges
Yuri Oganessian, FLNR - JINR/TAMU Russia/USA - Symposium on Super Heavy Nuclei: Our Expectations

At the Border of the Island of the Super Heavy Nuclei

Sigurd Hofmann, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Super-Heavy Nuclei: Current Status And Future Developments
Vladimir Utyonkov, FLNR - JINR, Russia - Synthesis of Super heavy Nuclei at Limits of Stability: 239,240Pu + 48Ca and 249-251Cf + 48Ca Reactions
Kosuki Morita, RIKEN Nishina Center, Japan - SHE research at RIKEN/GARIS
Anatoli Afanasjev, Mississippi State University, USA - Recent progress in the study of the heaviest nuclei in covariant density functional theory
William H. Bassichis, Texas A&M University, USA - Ancient Map: Island of Stability

Decay Properties and Nuclear Structure of the Heaviest Nuclei

Jacklyn Gates, LBNL, USA - Decay Spectroscopy of Element 115 Daughters
Michael Itkis, FLNR - JINR, Russia - Production of new neutron rich heavy and super heavy nuclei
Adam Sobiczewski, NCNR, Poland - Theoretical Description of Decay Properties of Super Heavy Nuclei
Mark Stoyer, LLNL, USA - Approaching the Island of Stability: Synthesizing the Heaviest Elements
Alexander Yeremin, FLNR - JINR, Russia - Spectroscopy of Transfermium Isotopes at Dubna: Results and Plans
Zhongzhou Ren, Nanjing University, China - Nuclear Charge Radii of Super Heavy Nuclei and Exotic Nuclei From the Experimental Decay Data
Michael Kowal, NCNR, Poland - Candidates for Long Lived High-K Ground States in Super Heavy Nuclei
Dieter Ackermann, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Paving the Way to the Island of Stability - Super Heavy Element Research at GSI and Beyond
Rolf Herzberg, University of Liverpool, UK - Combined Electron and Gamma Spectroscopy of Heavy Nuclei - Optimizing the SAGE Spectrometer
Peter Möller, LANL, USA - Comments on Super Heavy-Element Stability and Production
George Souliotis, National University of Athens, Greece - Microscopic Calculations of Low Energy Fission within the CoMD Model

April 01, 2015

Reactions of Synthesis of New Elements and Isotopes

Walter Loveland, Oregon State University, USA - Heavy Element Synthesis Reaction Mechanisms
Gurgen Adamian, BLTP - JINR, Russia - Isotopic Trends in Production of Superheavy Nuclei
Cody Folden, Texas A&M University, USA - Production of Near-Spherical Nuclei in Hot Fusion Reactions
Galina Knyazheva, FLNR - JINR, Russia - Fusion probabilities in heavy ion induced reactions
Alexander Karpov, FLNR - JINR, Russia - Superheavy nuclei: which regions of nuclear map are accessible in the nearest future
Dariusz Seweryniak, ANL, USA - Recent Spectroscopic Results Near the Z=100, N=152 Closed Shells
Gottfried Müenzenberg, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - SHE Research with Rare-Isotope Beams - Challenges and Perspectives
Sophia Heinz, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Probing the Stability of Superheavy Nuclei with Radioactive Ion Beams
Sait Umar, Vanderbilt University, USA - Dynamics of Quasifission and Fission
Andzei Wieloch, SIP, Jagiellonian University, Poland - New Experimental Approach to the Super and Hyper Nuclei Search
Katsuhisa Nishio, ASRC, JAEA, Japan - In-beam fission study at JAEA

Super Heavy Atoms - Chemistry of the Super Heavy Elements

Hartmut Backe, Universität Mainz, Germany - Prospects for Laser Spectroscopy at Superheavy Elements
Valeria Pershina, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Advanced Theoretical Studies for Chemical Identification of the Superheavy Elements
Christoph Düllmann, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Chemical studies of the heaviest elements
Robert Eichler, Heavy Elements group, PSI-University of Bern, Switzerland - Superheavy Element Chemistry from Switzerland
Yuichiro Nagame, ASRC, JAEA, Japan - Chemical Studies of the Heaviest Elements at JAEA

Production and Fabrication of Actinide Targets

James Roberto, ORNL, USA - Production and fabrication of actinide targets for super-heavy element research
Michail Onegin, NPI, St. Petersburg, Russia - Investigation of the Possibilities of Heavy Actinide Isotopes Production in High-flux Reactor PIK
Klaus Eberhardt, Universität Mainz, Germany - Fabrication and characterization of actinide targets for super-heavy element studies
Rose A. Boll, ORNL, USA - Actinide Materials at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

April 02, 2015

Accelerator Facilities and Setups

Sherry Yennello, Texas A&M University, USA - Rare Isotope Beams at TAMU Cyclotron Institute
Sergey Dmitriev, FLNR - JINR, Russia - FLNR SHE Factory
Christelle Stodel, GANIL, France - Study of very heavy nuclei at GANIL - SPIRAL2 facilities
Michael Thoennessen, NSCL, MSU, USA - The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Winfried Barth, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - R&D Activities Towards a Future CW LINAC at GSI
Michael Block, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Germany - Nuclear Structure Revealed by High-Precision Mass Measurements
Greg Chubarian, Texas A&M University, USA - High efficiency recoil spectrometer for Superheavy Element Factory
Zach Kohley, NSCL, MSU, USA - Opportunities to study the SHE production mechanism with rare isotopes at the ReA3 facility
Aditya Wakhle, NSCL, MSU, USA - Isospin Dependence of Quasifission and Heavy-ion Fusion with Neutron Rich RIB’s
Andrey Popeko, FLNR - JINR, Russia - On-line Separators for the Dubna Superheavy Element Factory
Oleg Tarasov, NSCL, MSU, USA - Using LISE++ for heavy ion reactions at low energies
Nathan Brewer, ORNL, USA - Microsecond Activity from α-emitters observed at the DGFRS with Digital Electronics