K500 operations and development
D.P. May, G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, H.L. Clark, G. Tabacaru, and F.P. Abegglen

K150 operations and development
G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, F. Abegglen, H. Clark, L. Gathings, D.P. May, H.I. Park, and H. Peeler

Texas A&M Cyclotron Radiation Effects Facility April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023
H.L. Clark, G. Avila, V. Horvat, B. Hyman, M. Kennas, G. Kim, H. Park, C. Parker, R. Rinderknecht, B. Roeder, G. Tabacaru and E. Wilkinson

Development of an electron cyclotron emission imaging system
L.E. Henderson, H.L. Clark, C.A. Gagliardi, and D.P. May

Progress on the light ion guide project
G. Tabacaru, V. Kolhinen, J. Ärje, D.P. May, A. Saastamoinen, F.P. Abegglen, L.N. Gathings, G.J. Kim, S. Molitor, and B.T. Roeder

Electronic check in and check out for SEE-line customers
V. Horvat

Improvements in the radiation-testing hardware and software
V. Horvat and B. Hyman

Liquid He cyropanel test for the K150 cyclotron
F. Abegglan, R.S. Olsen, G.J. Kim, and B.T. Roede

MARS status report for 2022-2023
B.T. Roeder and A. Saastamoinen

Computing at the cyclotron institute for 2022-2023
R. Burch, J. Gauthier, K. Hagel, and Y.-W. Lui

Astatine-211 extraction and fundamental chemistry in nitric acid media
S.J. Schultz, J.D. Burns, B. Green, T. Hankins, L.A. McCann, L.A. McIntosh, G. C. Tabacaru, A. Tabacaru, E.E. Tereshatov, J. Tobar, Z. Tobin, and S.J. Yennello

Production, isolation, and shipment of clinically relevant quantities of Astatine-211: A simple and efficient approach to increasing supply
L.A. McIntosh, J.D. Burns, E.E. Tereshatov, R. Muzzioli, K. Hagel, L.A. McCann, G. Picayo, F. Pisaneschi, D. Piwnica-Worms, S.J. Schultz, G.C. Tabacaru, A. Abbott, B. Green, T. Hankins, A. Hannaman, B. Harvey,K. Lofton, R. Rider, M. Sorensen, A. Tabacaru, Z. Tobin, and S.J. Yennello

Development of compact MWPC detectors for TRINAT experiment (MWPC demonstrator)
J. Klimo, D. Melconian, G. Chubaryan, V. Iacob, D. McClain, M. Nasser, B. Diaz, and B.M. Vargas-Calderon

He6CRES experiment and ion trap addition update
D. McClain, V. Iacob, J. Klimo, D. Melconian, and M. Nasser

Pepperpot development for TAMUTRAP and He6CRES
D. McClain, M. Parnell, V. Iacob, J. Klimo, D. Melconian, and M. Nasser

Update on the He-LIG and LSTAR projects to produce RIB for TAMUTRAP
D. Melconian, J. Klimo, D. McClain, G.P.A. Berg, M. Couder, and M. Brodeur

Characterization of the TexNAAM detector
M. Barbui, R. Bartsch, A. Ascione, E. Koshchiy, A.J. Saasatamoinen, and G.V. Rogachev

Development of a YAP-CsI phoswich for use with TexAT-TPC
M. Roosa, G. Christian, G. Rogachev, J. Bishop, C.E. Parker, M. Barbui, and A. Saastamoinen

He-3 gas system for experiments with TPC
E. Koshchiy, G.V. Rogachev, J.E. Bishop, M. Barbui, C.E. Parker, and A. Saastamoinen

Status of TeBAT (Texas-Birmingham Active Target) detector development
G.V. Rogachev, J. Bishop, E. Koshchiy, S. Ahn, M. Barbui, A. Hollands, T. Kokalova, C.E. Parker, S. Pirrie, E. Pollacco, A. Saastamoinen, C. Wheldon, and J.C. Zamora

Advantages and requirements of an active target TPC for DAPPER
A.B. McIntosh

Exploring novel direct reactions for the production of terbium-149 using Hyperion
L.A. McCann, A.B. McIntosh, L.A. McIntosh, P. Adsley, J.G. Duarte, M. Gott, J.T. Harke, Y. Mishnayot, J.T. Morrell, A.S. Tamashiro, C.E. Vermeulen, and S.J. Yennello

Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite (YAP) scintillator array as a heavy ion detector for DAPPER
A.B. McIntosh

Zero deadtime event readout of the neutron ball for NIMROD experiments at the Cyclotron Institute
K. Hagel and M.K. Youngs