Capability of studying N-Z equilibration using FAUST
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DAPPER: PSF forward analysis on 58Fe
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Investigating resonant state modification with a Coulomb trajectory model
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Measuring transfer reaction particle correlations with FAUST to improve stellar models
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Progress in photon strength function of 58Fe using Oslo and shape methods
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The study of alpha conjugate reactions in FAUST
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Dissolution of a 224Ra mock sample for future nuclear forensic analyses of a 226Ra pigment sample
J.R. Garcia, E.M. Bond, and C.M. Folden III

Measuring the survival of Rn compound nuclei in the fusion of Ti and Gd
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Nuclear forensic methodologies for americium
I.W. Haynes and C.M. Folden III

Recoil transfer chamber for polonium production, a lighter homolog of livermorium (Z=116)
A.S. Kirkland and C.M. Folden III

Resolving discrepancies in predicted excitation functions for the production of element 120
A. Rubio Reyes and C.M. Folden III

β- and γ-counting for pre-detonation nuclear forensics on Eu-155
I. Haynes, I. May, and C.M. Folden III

High energy neutron production and high momentum tail in intermediate heavy ion Collisions
R. Wada, Q. Hu, and G. Tian

Toward understanding relativistic heavy-ion collisions with the STAR detector at RHIC
D.M. Anderson, Y. Liu, S. Mioduszewski, J. Pan, J. Tyler, and the STAR Collaboration