K500 operations and development
D.P. May, G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, H.L. Clark, G. Tabacaru, and F.P. Abegglen

K150 operations and development
G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, F. Abegglen, H. Clark, L. Gathings, D.P. May, and H. Peeler

Texas A&M Cyclotron radiation effects facility April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022
H.L. Clark, G. Avila, V. Horvat, B. Hyman, M. Kennas, G.J. Kim, H. Park, C. Parker, R. Rinderknecht, B. Roeder, and G. Tabacaru

Upgrading the ECR2 magnetic field profile
D.P. May, S. Molitor, H. Peeler, F.P. Abegglen, G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder

Recent progress on the light ion guide project
G. Tabacaru, V. Kolhinen, J. Ärje, D.P. May, A. Saastamoinen, F.P. Abegglen, L.N. Gathings, G.J. Kim, S. Molitor, and B.T. Roeder

Response to the proposed new requirements for radiation testing
V. Horvat

Status of the Radiation effects master’s program: Using an SRAM based dosimeter to measure LET, fluence, and beam uniformity
R. Rinderknecht, L.E. Henderson, H.L. Clark, C.A. Gagliardi, C.E. Parker, and R. Gallegos

Development of an electron cyclotron emission imaging system
L.E. Henderson, H.L. Clark, C.A. Gagliardi, and D.P. May

Printed circuit board fabrication facility: SEE Fab
L.E. Henderson, H.L. Clark, C.E. Parker, R. Rinderknecht, and C.A. Gagliardi

Computing at the cyclotron institute
R. Burch, K. Hagel, J. Gauthier, and Y.-W. Lui

Gamma-spectroscopy-based survey of the devices activated by proton beams from the K150 cyclotron
V. Horvat

6HeCRES ion trap addition
D. McClain, G. Chubarian, V. Iacob, D. Melconian, M. Nasser, and P.D. Shidling

GEANT4 simulations as part of an independent analysis of β-delayed-proton measurements in 32Ar
M. Nasser, G. Chubarian, V.E. Iacob, V.S. Kolhinen, D. McClain, and D. Melconian

A novel technique for the production of robust actinide targets
S. Dede, G. Christian, K. Manukyan, and A. Aprahamian

Commissioning of neutron detector array TexNeut
D.P. Scriven, G.V. Rogachev, J. Bishop, G. Christian, C.E. Parker, L. Sobotka, A. Alafa, N. Dronchi, A. Thomas, A. Saastamoinen, E. Koshchiy, E. Aboud, M. Roosa, M. Barbui, E. Harris, D. Mulrow, and C. Hunt

DAPPER gamma ray response
M. Sorensen, A. Abbott, A.B McIntosh, R. Rider, K. Hagel, and S.J. Yennello

DAPPER upgrade for radioactive beam contamination separation
R. Rider, A. Abbott, A.B. McIntosh, M. Sorensen, K. Hagel, and S.J. Yennello

Investigation of real-time and complementary particle discrimination capabilities in FAUST
T. Hankins, A. Hannaman, A.B. McIntosh, K. Hagel, B. Harvey, Z. Tobin, and S.J. Yennello

Measuring charged particle reaction products from 28Si + 12C at 35 MeV/u using FAUST
A. Hannaman, K. Hagel, A.B. McIntosh, A. Abbott, J. Gauthier, T. Hankins, B. Harvey, Y-W. Lui, L. McCann, L.A. McIntosh, R. Rider, S. Schultz, M. Sorensen, Z. Tobin, R. Wada, and S.J. Yennello

Parallel-plate avalanche counter (PPAC) detector commissioned for the MDM focal plane
E. Harris, G.V. Rogachev, G. Chubaryan, H. Jayatissa, E. Koshchiy, and K. Rao

MARS status report for 2021-2022
B.T. Roeder and A. Saastamoinen

Update on the He-LIG and LSTAR projects to produce RIB for TAMUTRAP
D. Melconian, V.S. Kolhinen, G.P.A. Berg, M. Couder, and M. Brodeur

Development of a radiochronometric procedure for the analysis of 226Ra pigment and paint samples for nuclear forensics
J.R. Garcia and C.M. Folden III