Nuclear theory – Nuclear astrophysics
J.W. Holt

Asymptotic normalization coefficients in nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics: A review
A.M. Mukhamedzhanov and L.D. Blokhintsev

Indirect determination of the astrophysical S factor for the 6Li(p, γ)7Be reaction using the asymptotic normalization coefficient method
G.G. Kiss, M. La Cognata, R.E. Tribble, and A.M. Mukhamedzhanov

Status of deep subbarrier 12C + 12C fusion and advancing the Trojan horse method
A.M. Mukhamedzanov

The 3He+5He→α+α reaction below the Coulomb barrier via the Trojan Horse Method
A.M. Mukhamedzhanov and collaborators

A Semi-microscopic description of isoscalar giant multipole resonances in medium-mass closed shell nuclei
M.L. Gorelik, S. Shlomo, B.A. Tulupov, and M.H. Urin

Direct one-neutron decay of the isoscalar giant dipole resonance in medium-heavy spherical nuclei: A semi-microscopic approach description
M. L. Gorelik, S. Shlomo, B. A. Tulupov, and M. H. Urin

Semiclassical shell-structure micro-macroscopic approach for nuclear level density
A.G. Magner, A.I. Sanzhur, S.N. Fedotkin, A.I. Levon, and S. Shlomo

Shell and asymmetry effects in nuclear statistical level densities
A.G. Magner, A.I. Sanzhur, S.N. Fedotkin, A.I. Levon, and S. Shlomo

Number-of-constituent-quark scaling of elliptic flow: a quantitative study
M. Wang, J. Q. Tao, H. Zheng, W.C. Zhang, L.L. Zhu, and A. Bonasera

The novel scaling of Tsallis parameters from the transverse momentum spectra of charged particles in heavy-ion collisions
J.Q. Tao, W.H. Wu, M. Wang, H. Zheng, W.C. Zhang, L.L. Zhu, and A. Bonasera

Charged pion production from Au + Au collisions at √(s_NN )= 2.4 GeV in the relativistic Vlasov-Uehling-Uhlenbeck model
Kyle Dogbey, Zhen Zhang, Jeremy Holt, and Che Ming Ko

Comparison of heavy-ion transport simulations: Mean-field dynamics in a box
Maria Colonna, Ying-Xun Zhang, Yong-Jia Wang, Dan Cozma, Pawel Danielewicz, Che Ming Ko and TEMP Collaboration

Elliptic flow splittings in the Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio transport model
Wen-Hao Zhou, He Liu, Feng Li, Yi-Feng Sun, Jun Xu, and Che Ming Ko

Enhanced yield ratio of light nuclei in heavy ion collisions with a first-order chiral phase transition
Kai-Jia Sun, Che Ming Ko, Feng Li, Jun Xu, and Lie-Wen Chen

Evolution of Λ polarization in the hadronic phase of heavy-ion collisions
Yifeng Sun, Zhen Zhang, Che Ming Ko, and Wenbin Zhao

Light nuclei production in a multiphase transport model for relativistic heavy ion collisions
Kai-Jia Sun, Che Ming Ko, and Zi-Wei Lin

Multiplicity scaling of light nuclei production in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Wenbin Zhao, Kai-jia Sun, Che Ming Ko, and Xiaofeng Luo

Angular momentum eigenstates of the isotropic 3-D harmonic oscillator: Phase-space distributions and coalescence probabilities
R.J. Fries and C.M. Ko with Michael Kordell

The JETSCAPE collaboration: X-Scape and more JETSCAPE physics
R.J. Fries, Michael Kordell, Arjun Sengupta, Cameron Parker, and JETSCAPE Collaborators

Collectivity of J/ψ mesons in heavy-ion collisions
M. He, B. Wu and R. Rapp

Recombination of B_c-mesons in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Biaogang Wu, Zhanduo Tang, Min He, and Ralf Rapp

Thermalization of nuclear matter in heavy-ion collisions at Fermi energies
T. Onyango, A. Bonasera, and R. Rapp