K500 operations and development
D.P. May, G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, H.L. Clark, G. Tabacaru, and F.P. Abegglen

K150 operations and development
G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, F. Abegglen, H.L. Clark, L. Gathings, D.P. May, and H. Peeler

Texas A&M cyclotron radiation effects facility April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021
H.L. Clark, G. Avila, V. Horvat, B. Hyman, M. Kennas, H.I. Park, B. Roeder, and G. Tabacaru

Installation and commissioning of the ECR4 ion source
D.P. May, B.T. Roeder, F.P. Abegglen, S. Molitor, H. Peeler, and R. Olsen

Recent progress on the light ion guide project
G. Tabacaru, J. Ärje, D.P. May, A. Saastamoinen, F.P. Abegglen, L.N. Gathings, G.J. Kim, V. Kolhinen, S. Molitor, and B.T. Roeder

Computing at the Cyclotron Institute
R. Burch, J. Gauthier, Y.-W. Lui, and K. Hagel

Development of an electron cyclotron emission imaging system
L.E. Henderson, H. Clark, C.A. Gagliardi, and D. May

A novel technique for the production of robust actinide targets
S. Dede, G. Christian, K. Manukyan, and A. Aprahamian

Development of position and pulse shape discriminant neutron detector modules
D.P. Scriven, G. Christian, G.V. Rogachev, C.E. Parker, L. Sobotka, S. Ahn, S. Ota, E. Koshchiy, E. Aboud, J. Bishop, N. Dronchi, and A. Thomas

Toward the understanding of the 10Li system and the commissioning of the TexNeut array
D.P. Scriven, G. Christian, G.V. Rogachev, C.E. Parker, L. Sobotka, S. Ahn, S. Ota, E. Koshchiy, E. Aboud, J. Bishop, N. Dronchi, and A. Thomas

Assessment of suitability of an LBC-detector-based system for identification and quantification of radioactive nuclides in samples irradiated by cyclotron beams
V. Horvat, H. L. Clark, and B. Hyman

Gamma-spectroscopy-based survey of the devices on a board activated by proton beams from the K150 cyclotron
V. Horvat

Optimization of performance and calibration of LBC detector
V. Horvat

Design and testing of YAP:Ce array for DAPPER
A. Abbott, M. Sorensen, A.B. McIntosh, R. Wada, and S.J. Yennello

Establishing control over VO2 phase transformations through radiation-induced defects
E.J. Braham, M. Sorensen, D. Zhao, D.A. Santos, K. Xie, and S. Banerjee

Integrator method for resistive dual-axis duo lateral position sensitive silicon detectors
A. Hannaman, A.B. McIntosh, K. Hagel, M.D. Youngs, A. Abbott, J. Gauthier, B. Harvey, Y.-W. Lui, L. McCann, L.A. McIntosh, S. Schultz, M. Sorensen, Z. Tobin, R. Wada, and S.J. Yennello

Light charged particle correlations in 78,86Kr+12C
A.B. McIntosh, L.A. McIntosh, K. Hagel, and S.J. Yennello

Online calibration, particle ID, and analysis for FAUST and other large multi-detector arrays in nuclear physics
A.B. McIntosh, A. Hannaman, and K. Hagel

Testing a diamond detector for use in DAPPER
M. Sorensen, A. Abbott, A.B. McIntosh, Z. Tobin, K. Hagel, R. Wada, and S.J Yennello

Zero deadtime event readout for experiments at the Cyclotron Institute
K. Hagel, A. Hannaman, A.B. McIntosh, M. Sorensen, A. Abbott, A. Jedele, M.K. Youngs, and A. Hood

Measuring the photopeak efficiency of the TexCAAM detector using the 11Be decay and the 60Co gamma source
M. Barbui, E. Aboud, A. Ascione, J. Bishop, L. Jeffery, E. Harris, C.H. Hunt, Z. Luo, E. Koshchiy, M. Roosa, C.E. Parker, A. Saastamoinen, D. Scriven, and G.V. Rogachev

Design of a dual-purpose chamber for the gas cells of the p/He-LIG facility
P.D. Shidling, V.S. Kolhinen, G. Chubarian, V.E. Iacob, M. Nasser, D. Melconian, and G. Tabacaru

Radio frequency quadrupole cooler buncher for 6He CRES experiment
D. McClain, G. Chubarian, V. Iacob, V.S. Kolhinen, D. Melconian, M. Nasser, A. Ozmetin, B. Schroeder, and P.D. Shidling

Update on LSTAR, the isobar separator for the He-LIG system
G. Chubarian, V.S. Kolhinen, D. Melconian, P.D. Shidling, G.P.A. Berg, M. Couder, M. Brodeur, and M. Wiesher

Upgrade of TRINAT's β telescopes
G. Chubarian and D. Melconian

MARS status report for 2020-2021:Tuning of rare isotope beams 7Be, 9Li, 20F, 35Ar, 11Be, 95Zr
B.T. Roeder and A. Saastamoinen