Neutron-induced triple-alpha enhancement: measuring neutron-induced reactions with TexAT

J. Bishop, C.E. Parker, G.V. Rogachev, S. Ahn, C.R. Brune, K. Brandenburg, R. Charity, J. Derkin, N. Dronch, G. Hamad, Y. Jones-Alberty, Tz. Kokalova, E. Koshchiy, V. Ohstrom, S. Paneru, S.T. Marley, T.N. Massey, Z. Meisel, R. Smith, L.G. Sobotka, D. Soltesz, A.V. Voinov, and J. Warren

New approach for neutrons discovers problems with the understanding of the important astrophysical reaction 13C(α,n)
V.Z. Goldberg, G.V. Rogachev, A.K. Nurmukhanbetova, E.M. Gazeeva , M.S. Golovkov, A.A. Bezbakh, D.K. Nauruzbayev, Zh. Kurmanaliyev, A. Serikov, and B. Zalewski

New era of resonance reaction studies
V.Z. Goldberg and G.V. Rogachev

Probing a possible excited state of tritium via the 6He(p,t)alpha reaction with TexAT
C.E. Parker, G.V. Rogachev, D.P. Scriven, J. Bishop, E. Koshchiy, E. Aboud, S. Ahn, M. Barbui, A. Bosh, E. Harris, C. Hunt, Z. Luo, M. Roosa, B.T. Roeder, and A. Saastamoinen

United States Nuclear Structure Data Program (USNDP) and Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) at Texas A&M Evaluation Center of Cyclotron Institute
N. Nica and J.C. Hardy

Shell structure and evolution through spectroscopy of beryllium isotopes
M. Roosa, G. Christian, G. Rogachev, S. Ahn, E. Bennett, J. Bishop, S. Dede, C. Hunt, H. Jayatissa, E. Koshchiy, R. Malecek, S. Ota, C. Parker, D. Scriven, and S. Upadhyayula

Study of alpha decay branches in 19Ne via the 21Ne(p,t)19Ne reaction
G. Christian, E. Bennett, W.N. Catford, S. Dede, D.T. Doherty, G. Lotay, S. Ota, B. Reed, A. Saastoimonen, and D.P. Scriven

Measurement of the half-life of the T=1/2 mirror decay of 29P
P.D. Shidling, V.S. Kolhinen, N. Morgan, A. Ozmetin, B. Schroeder, V.E. Iacob, and D. Melconian

Precision γ-ray branching ratio measurements for long-lived fission products of importance to nuclear-security applications
Bencomo, K. Kolos, J.A. Clark, J.C. Hardy, V.E. Iacob, D. Melconian, E. Norman, H.I. Park, G. Savard, N.D. Scielzo, and M.A. Stoyer

Weak interaction studies with 32Ar decay (WISArD)
M. Nasser, G. Chubarian, V.E. Iacob, D. McClain, D. Melconian, P.D. Shidling, and the WISArD Collaboration

Cold QCD physics with STAR at RHIC
S.E. Aboona, C.A. Gagliardi, T. Lin, and R.E. Tribble and the STAR Collaboration