K500 operations and development
D.P. May, G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, H.L. Clark, and F.P. Abegglen

Texas A&M cyclotron radiation effects facility April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017
H.L. Clark, J. Brinkley, L. Chen, G. Chubarian, S. Gerlt, V. Horvat, B. Hyman, B. Roeder, and G. Tabacaru

K150 Operations and Development
G.J. Kim, B.T. Roeder, F. Abegglen, H. Clark, L. Gathings, D.P. May, R. Olsen, and H. Peeler

Texas A&M cyclotron K150 radiation effects facility April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017
B. Hyman, H.L. Clark, V. Horvat, G.J. Kim, B. Roeder, and S. Russell

Progress on the ECR4 ion source and the ECR1 replacement hexapole
D.P. May, S. Molitor, F.P. Abegglen, H. Peeler, and R. Ohlsen

Progress on the light ion guide
G. Tabacaru, J. Arje, D. May, A. Saastamoinen, F. Abegglen, G. Chubaryan, H. Clark, G. Kim, S. Molitor, B. Roeder , S.J. Yennello, and R. Wada

Acceleration and identification of charge-bred ions from the light-ion guide with MARS
B.T. Roeder, F. Abegglen, J. Arje, G.J. Kim, A. Saastamoinen, and G. Tabacaru

Cyclotron computing
R. Burch, S. Wuenschel, and K. Hagel

MARS status report for 2016-2017: tuning of rare isotope beams of 14O, 10C, 42Ti, and 31Cl
B.T. Roeder and A. Saastamoinen

35K test run
R. Chyzh, A. Saastamoinen, B. Roeder, and R.E. Tribble

Beta decay of 22,23Si studied at MARS with the optical time projection chamber
C. Mazzocchi, A.A. Ciemny, W. Dominik, A. Fijałkowska, J. Hooker, K. Hunt, H. Jayatissa, Ł. Janiak, G. Kamiński, Y. Koshchiy, M. Pfützner, M. Pomorski, B. Roeder, G. Rogachev, A. Saastamoinen, S. Sharma, and N. Sokołowska

Gamma efficiency measurements for the AstroBoxII with two HPGe detectors
R. Chyzh, A. Saastamoinen, and R.E. Tribble

Sum-fit method of analysis of nuclear decay spectra affected by extending dead-time
V. Horvat and J.C. Hardy

Increasing effective coverage in FAUST LCP data from recent campaign
L. Heilborn, A. Jedele, C. Lawrence, A.B. McIntosh, A. Rodriguez Manso, A. Zarrella, and S.J. Yennello

Preparations of the TAMU-ORNL BaF2 array
A.B. McIntosh, J. Gauthier, K. Leeper, A. Rodriguez Manso, L.A. Heilborn, A. Jedele, A. Zarrella, and S.J. Yennello

Progress in the calibration Kr+C with FAUST-QTS
A.B. McIntosh, A. Keeler, J. Gauthier, L.A. Heilborn, A. Jedele, A. Rodriguez Manso, A. Zarrella, and S.J. Yennello

Progress with automated particle identification
A.B. McIntosh, S. Wuenschel, K. Hagel, S.J. Yennello, S. He, and J. Huang

SpiRIT TPC: first experiment and calibrations
A.B. McIntosh and SpiRIT Collaboration

Active neutron monitors for MINER experiment
J. Hooker, G.V. Rogachev, E. Koshchiy, and the MINER collaboration

Status of Texas Active Target (TexAT) detector
E. Koshchiy, G.V. Rogachev, E. Uberseder, J. Hooker, S. Upadhiajula, and E. Pollacco