List of Papers Published
April 1, 1993 - March 31, 1994
(links to abstracts provided where available)


Seeing the QCD Phase Transition With Phi Mesons
M. Asakawa and C.M. Ko
Phys. Lett. 322B, 33 (Febrauary 1994)

What We Can Learn From a Second Phi Meson Peak In Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collisions?
C.M. Ko and D. Seibert
Phys. Rev. C 49, 2198 (April 1994)

Subthreshold Antiproton Production in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
G.Q. Li, C.M. Ko, X.S. Fang, and Y.M. Zheng
Phys. Rev. C 49, 1139 (February 1994)

Medium Effects on Subthreshold Kaon Production from Heavy Ion Collisions
X.S. Fang, C.M. Ko, G.Q. Li, and Y.M. Zheng
Phys. Rev. C 49, R608 (February 1994)

Deuteron Elastic Scattering at 110 and 120 MeV
A.C. Betker, C.A. Gagliardi, D.R. Semon, R.E. Tribble, H.M. Xu, and A.F Zaruba
Phys. Rev. C 48, 2085 (October 1993)

Intercalibration of 4He and 5Li Nuclear Thermometers for Hot Nuclei
J.B. Natowitz, J.C. Hagel, R. Wada, X. Bin, J. Li, Y. Lou, and D. Utley
Phys. Rev. C 48, 2074 (October 1993)

Nuclear Structure Study of the Odd-A Tc Isotopes Within the
Neutron-Proton Interacting Boson-Fermion Model
H. Dejbakhsh and S. Shlomo
Phys. Rev. C 48, 1695 (October 1993)

Mass Asymmetry Dependence of Scission Times in the Reactions of 18.5 A MeV 136Xe + 48Ti
M. Gui, K. Hagel, R. Wada, Y. Lou, D. Utley, B. Xiao, J. Li, J.B. Natowitz,
G. Enders, W. Kuhn, V. Metag, R. Novotny, O. Schwalb, R.J. Charity, R. Freifelder,
A. Gobbi, W. Henning, K.D. Hildenbrand, R. Mayer, R.S. Simon, J.P. Wessels,
G. Casini, A. Olmi, and A.A. Stefanini
Phys. Rev. C 48, 1791 (October 1993)

Emission Temperatures From Widely Separated States in 14N- And 129 Xe Induced Reactions
C. Schwarz, W.G. Gong, N. Carlin, C.K. Gelbke, Y.D. Kim, W.G. Lynch, T. Murakami, G. Poggi, R.T. de Souza, M.B. Tsang, H.M. Xu, D.E. Fields, K. Kwiatkowsi, V.E. Viola, Jr., and S.J. Yenello
Phys. Rev. C 48, 676 (August 1993)

Formation and Decay of Toroidal and Bubble Nuclei and the Nuclear Equation of State
H.M. Xu, J.B. Natowitz, C.A. Gagliardi, R.E. Tribble, C.Y. Wong, and W.G. Lynch
Phys. Rev. C 48, 933 (August 1993)

Measurement of Transverse Energy Production With Si and Au Beams at Relativistic Energy Towards Hot and Dense Hadronic Matter
J. Barrette, R. Bellwied, S. Bennett, P. Braun-Munzinger, W.E. Cleland, T.M. Cormier, G. David, J. Dee, G.E. Diebold, O. Dietzsch, D. Fox, J.V. Germani, S. Gilbert, S.V. Greene, J. R. Hall, T.K. Hemmik, N. Herrmann, B. Hong, K. Jayananda, D. Kraus, B. Shiva Kumar, R. Lacasse, Q. Li, D. Lissauer, W.J. Llope, T.W. Ludlam, S. McCorkle, R. Majka, S.K. Mark, R. Matheus, J.T. Mitchell, M. Muthuiswamy, E. O'Brien, S. Panitkin, C. Pruneau, M.N. Rao, M. Rosati, F. Rotondo, N.C. daSilva, J. Simon-Gillo, U. Sonnadara, J. Statchel, J. Sullivan, H. Takai, E. M. Takagui, T.G. Throwe, C. Winter, G. Wang, K.L. Wolf, D. Wolfe, C.L. Woody, N. Xu, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, and C. Zhou
Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 2996 (May 1993)

The Use of Radioactive Nuclear Beams to Study the Equilibration of The N/Z Degree of Freedom in Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reactions
S.J. Yenello, B. Young, J. Yee, J.A. Winger, J.S. Winfield, G.D. Westfall, A. Vander Molen, B.M. Sherril, J. Shea, E. Norbeck, D.J. Morriessey, T. Li, E. Gualtieri, D. Craig, W. Benenson, and D. Bazin
Phys. Lett. 321B, 15 (January 1994)

Medium Effects on the Rho Meson
M. Asakawa and C.M. Ko
Phys. Rev. C 48, R526 (August 1993)

Mass and Charge Distributions of Cl-Induced Heavy Ion Reactions
A.A. Marchetti, A.C. Mignerey, H. Madani, A. Gokmen, W.L. Kehoe, B. Libby, K. Morley, H. Breuer, K. Wolf, and F. Obenshain
Phys. Rev. C 48, 266 (July 1993)

np-Elastic Analyzing Power A N0 and Spin Transfer K NN
M. W. McNaughton, K. Jonston, D.R. Swenson, D. Tupa, R.L. York, D.A. Ambrose, P. Coffey, K.H. McNaughton, P.J. Riley, G. Glass, J.C. Heibert, R.H. Jeppesen, H. Spinka, I. Supek, G.E. Tripard, and H. Woolverton
Phys. Rev. C 48, 256 (July 1993)

Forward Angle Analyzing Power in p-n and p-p Quasifree Scattering at 643 and 797 MeV
G. Glass, T.S. Bhatia, J.C. Heibert, R.A. Kenefick, S. Nath, L.C. Northcliffe, W.B. Tippens, and J.E. Simmons
Phys. Rev. C 47, 1369 (April 1993)

Medium Effects on Kaon and Antikaon Spectra in Heavy-Ion Collisions
X.S. Fang, C.M. Ko, G.E. Brown, and V. Koch
Phys. Rev. C 47, 1678 (April 1993)

Two-Pion Correlations and Multiplicity Effects in La on La Collisions
H. Bossy, J.a. Bistirlich, R.R. Bossingham, A. D. Chacon, K.M. Crowe, Y. Dardenne, M. Justice, J.O. RAsmussen, A.A. Shilab-Eldin, M. A. Stoyer, K.D. Wyatt, J.P. Sullivan, K.L. Wolf
Phys. Rev. C 47, 1659 (April 1993)

Giant Dipole Resonance Gamma Decay of 142 Nd Nucleus Produced by 16 O + 126 Te and 22 Ne + 120Sn Reactions at E = 150 MeV
R.K. Choudhury, K.L. Wolf, H. Jabs, J. Shoemaker, J.B. Natowitz, K. Hagel, Y. Lou, R. Wada, R.P. Schmitt, W. Turmel, and H. Xu
Nucl. Phys. A569, 93c (March 1994)

Nuclear Matter Incompressibility Coefficient and Giant Monopole Resonance
S. Shlomo and D.H. Youngblood
Nucl. Phys. A569, 303c (March 1994)

Limiting Temperatures and Disappearance of Fusionlike Residues
H.M. Xu
Nucl. Phys. A568, 365 (February 1994)

Multifragmentation of Toroidal and Bubble Nuclei Within the BUU Approach
H.M. Xu, C.A. Gagliardi, R.E. Tribble, and C.Y. Wong
Nucl. Phys. A569, 575 (February 1994)

Symmetric MultiFragmenation Barriers and Their Temperature-Dependance in Medium and Heavy Mass Nuclei
G.X. Dai, J.B. Natowitz, R. Wada, Y.N. Lou, K. Hagel, and B. Xiao
Nucl. Phys. A568, 601 (February 1994)

Single Particle Spectra From Na44
M. Murray
Nucl. Phys. A566, 515 (January 1994)

Double Phi Peaks as a Signature For the QCD Phase Transition
C.M. Ko and M. Asakawa
Nucl. Phys. A566, 447 (January 1994)

QCD Sum Rules for a Rho Meson in Dense Matter
M. Asakawa and C.M. Ko
Nucl. Phys. A560, 399 (August 1993)

Rescattering Effects on Kaon Energy Spectra in Heavy-Ion Collisions
X.S. Fang, C.M. Ko, and Y.M. Zhang
Nucl. Phys. A556, 499 (May 1993)

Model Calculations of Multielectron Ionization of O2 Molecules by Fast-Heavy-Ion Impact
K. Wohrer and R.L. Watson
Phys. Rev. A 48, 4784 (December 1993)

Inclusive Fragment Production in 84 Kr + 197 Au at E/A = 35 MeV
U. Milkau, M.L. Begemann-Blaich, E.M. Eckert, G. Imme, P. Kretuz, A. Kuhmicel, M. Lattuada, U. Lynen, C. Mazur, W.F.J. Muller, J.B. Natowitz, C. Ngo, J. Pochodzalla, G. Raciti, M. Ribrag, H. Sann, W. Trautmann, and R. Trockel
Z. Phys. A346, 227 (May 1993)

Ionization of Noble Gas Atoms by Alpha Particles and Fission Fragments From the Decay of 252Cf
B.M. Hill, R.L. Watson, K. Wohrer, B.B. Bandong, G. Sampoll, and V. Horvat
J. Mass Spect. and Ion. Prc. 126, 37 (April 1993)

Multifragmentation in 40Ca + 40Ca Reactions
J.B. Natowitz
Proceedings of Hirschegg Workshop on Multifragmentation
Hirschegg, Austria (January 1994)

Medium EFfects on Heavy-Ion Dynamics
C.M. Ko
Proceedings of the Workshop on Pre-Equilibrium Patron Dynamics
Berkely, California (August 1993)

Signature for QGP in Dilepton Spectrum
M. Asakawa
Proceedings of the Workshop on Pre-Quilibrium Patron Dynamics
Berkeley, California (August 1993)

Fission Time Scales and Shapes From GDR gamma Rays
R.P. Schmitt, W. Turmel, L. Cooke, J. Boger, T. Boting, B. Hurst, D. O'Kelley
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Dynamical Aspects of Nuclear Fission
SMolenice, CSFR (June 1993)

Upgrade of the ECR Ion Source Capability at Texas A&M University
D.P May and G.M. Mouchaty
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources
Groningen, The Netherlands (May 1993)

Projectile Breakup Reactions Induced with 30 MeV/u 16 O and 20 Ne
R.P. Schmitt, H. Utsunomiya, D. O;Kelly, J. Boger, T. Botting. L. Cooke, B. Hurst, Y.W. Lui, and W. Turmel
Proceedings of the International School-Seminar on Heavy Ion Physics
Dubna, Russia (May 1993)

Heavy-Ion REactions Mechanism Studies and the Role of Radiactive Beams
S.J. Yenello, B. Young, J. Yee, J.A. Winger, J.S. Winfield, G.D. Westfall, A. Vandermolen, B.M. Sherrill, D.J. Morriesssey, T. Li, E. Gualtieri, W. Benenson, and D. Bazin
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Radioactive Beams,
East Lansing, Michigan (May 1993)

Dilepton Prodution in Heavy Ion Collisions
C.M. Ko
Proceedings of the 9th High Energy Heavy-Ion Study,
Berkeley, California (October 1993)

Subthreshold, Kaon, Antikaon, and Antiproton Production at Bevelac/SIS Energies
G.Q. Li and C.M. Ko
Proceedings of the 9th High Energy Heavy-Ion Study
Berkely, California (October 1993)

Medium Effects on Hadron Structure
M. Asakawa, C.M. Ko and P. Levai
Proceedings of the International Workshop on QCD Vacuum
Paris, France (June 1993)