Nuclear Theory Seminars at Texas A&M: Fall 2007

Location: Cyclotron Building (434), Seminar Room

Friday, October 05, 4:00pm

Xingbo Zhao, Texas A&M University
Transverse-Momentum Spectra of J/ψ in Heavy-Ion Collisions


We investigate J/ψ transverse-momentum distributions as well as their centrality dependence in Pb-Pb collisions at SPS and Au-Au collisions at RHIC within the framework of a two-component model, which includes (i) a primordial contribution coupled with various phases of dissociation, (ii) a statistical coalescence of c and anti-c quarks at the hadronization phase transition. We use a transport equation combined with expanding fireball equations to study the component (i) and use a blast-wave approach to study the component (ii). The influence of various physical mechanisms on the J/ψ-pt distributions are investigated, together with applications to experimental data.

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