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Saturday Morning Physics takes a break in 2017

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Spring 2016 Program

Learn about exciting developments in Modern Physics, this year focusing on the fundamentals and forefront research in nuclear and high-energy physics as well as quantum optics.

An event series for Texas High-School Students to go on a journey of discovering how physics can help us understand nature!

Eleventh Year Running!

Earn a certificate for sustained attendance!

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Physics is a fundamental science to unravel the laws of nature so that we improve our understanding and appreciation of the world around us from the smallest to the largest scales.

You are cordially invited to attend the 11th edition of SMP to get unique first-hand insights into how scientist push the frontiers of knowledge on fundamental laws of physics, the phases of matter, the Universe, and often unexpected applications.

Listen to and discuss with world-renowned scientists working at Texas A&M University who have agreed to share their newest research in an entertaining and understandable way.

Saturday Morning Physics is a National Science Foundation-funded event series designed to indulge Texas high school students in the fascinating subatomic world of modern physics.

No prerequisites necessary! (except for your curiosity...)

Teacher participation encouraged!

This year each of the seven SMP events consists of a 1-hour lecture starting at 10:00 am, followed by discussion and Q&A.

The registration desk opens at 9:30am, and it is essential for each student to register in person. In addition, online pre-registration is highly recommended.


Abstracts will be added when available. Click title links for review materials where available.


January 23rd: "Modern Particle Accelerators and Detectors", Professor Carl Gagliardi


January 30th:  "Understanding the Universe one Atom at a Time" , Professor Ania Kwiatkowski



February 6th: "The Higgs Boson and Beyond" , Professor Keith Ulmer



February 13th: "Dark Particle Hunters", Professor Teruki Kamon



February 20th: "A Brief History of Light", Professor Suhail Zubairy



February 27th: "Optical Tweezing" , Professor Emanuala Ene


March 5th: "From Particles to Strings and Branes", Professor Ergein Sezgin



To be awarded a final "diploma" certificate, you will need to complete at least 5 out of 7 events. In addition, there is a common thread through the event sequence, so that regular attendance is beneficial.

Registration is free and should be preferentially completed online. On-site registration will be possible until 9:50 AM on the day of each event. There will be open attendance allowed at each session.

On-Line Registration

Each program will be held at the Physics Department in the Hawking Auditorium of the George P. Mitchell Physics Building on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, TX 77843. Detailed directions and parking information will be available soon.

If you have any questions about the Saturday Morning Physics program please contact:

Dr. Ralf Rapp ( or Dr. Rainer Fries (

Phone: 979-845-1411


Florida State University:
University of Michigan:
Darmstadt University (Germany):


Thanks to:

Kendra Lewellyn, Shana Hutchins, Bruce Hyman,
 Santos Ramirez, the Cyclotron Institute, and the
 Department of Physics at Texas A&M University for their valuable support