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Various ion beams have been developed specifically for the Radiation Effects Facility. These beams provide for a wide scope of LET with high energies for deep part penetration. Time for beam species changes will vary, but with species that have the same energy per nucleon change times are about one half hour.

Beams can be delivered with a high degree of uniformity over a 1.8" x 1.8" cross sectional area for measurements inside the vacuum chamber and 1" diameter circular cross sectional area for the in-air station. Uniformity is achieved by means of magnetic defocusing.

A degrader foil system makes it possible to set the desired beam LET value at a particular depth inside the target without changing the beam or rotating the target. The beam energy is reduced by means of a degrader system with foils having a suitable thickness and orientation with respect to the incident beam. Each foil can be inserted, withdrawn, and rotated remotely through use of computer controls.

The intensity of any beam is easily regulated over a broad range spanning several orders of magnitude in a matter of seconds. This can be done by the operator on duty at the users request.

The target exposure system is fully automated. Exposure can be set for a certain time, total accumulated fluence, or can be manually stopped at any time.


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