K500 operations and development
D. P. May, G. J. Kim, H. L. Clark, and F. P. Abegglen

Texas A&M cyclotron radiation effects facility
H. L. Clark, J. Brinkley, G. Chubarian, V. Horvat, B. Hyman, G. Souliotis, and G. Tabacaru

Cyclotron computing
R. Burch and K. Hagel

Cyclotron Institute upgrade project
H. L. Clark, F. Abegglen, G. Chubarian, G. Derrig, G. Kim, D. May,
G. Souliotis and G. Tabacaru

The light ion guide project
G. Tabacaru, J. Arje, G. Chubaryan, H. L. Clark, G. J. Kim, and D. P. May

Prompt gamma-ray measurement as method of monitoring changes in tissue undergoing proton irradiation
M. McCleskey, A. Spiridon, J. C. Polf,1 B. Roeder, G. Tabacaru, S. Peterson,
S. Beddar, E. Simmons, A. Banu, and L. Trache

Production cross-sections studies of residual radionuclides from proton induced nuclear reactions on natMo up to 40 MeV
A. A. Alharbi, M. McCleskey, G. Tabacaru,  B. Roeder, A. Banu, A. Spiridon,
E. Simmons, L. Trache, and R. E. Tribble

The Texas-Edinburgh-Catania Silicon Array (TECSA): a status report
L. Trache, B. T. Roeder, A. Banu, S. Cherubini, T. Davinson, V. Goldberg,
M. McCleskey, C. Spitaleri, R. E. Tribble, and P. J. Woods

New Mesytec 32-channel VME ADCs: a status report
B. T. Roeder, A. Banu, K. Hagel, E. Simmons, and L. Trache

Assembly and test run of decay detector for ISGMR study
J. Button,  R. Polis, Y. Tokimoto, D. H. Youngblood, Y. -W. Lui, and Krishichayan

Comparative study of the GEANT4, EGSnrc and PENELOPE Monte Carlo codes for efficiency calculations of a plastic scintillator
V. V. Golovko, V. E. Iacob, J. C. Hardy, and D. Melconian

Comparative analysis of the methods used in determination of half-life in a simple radioactive decay
V. Horvat and J. C. Hardy

Upgrade of data-acquisition system for measuring β-decay half-lives
V. E. Iacob and J. C. Hardy

JBN new cluster computing system
R. Wada, M. Huang, R. Burch, and K. Hagel