Dynamics and Time-scales in Breakup and Fusion
M. Dasgupta;
Australian National University, Australia
Understanding the interactions of weakly bound nuclei and fusion of heavy nuclei at energies close to the Coulomb barrier are amongst the current challenges in nuclear reactions studies. Reactions near the barrier are dominated by quantum effects, such as channel couplings and tunneling. Experiments and theoretical developments in these areas have progressed hand-in-hand, as improved experimental techniques have revealed new facets of the interaction dynamics. I will discuss the recent experiments which highlight the role of time-scales of processes that affect reaction outcomes. For example, coincidence measurements over a large angular range, using weakly bound stable nuclei, have provided a complete picture of the physical mechanisms triggering their breakup. Crucially, the measurements can identify those breakup processes that are fast enough to affect fusion, and provide key insights for understanding reaction dynamics near the barrier.