Determination of the astrophysical 14C(n, g)15C reaction rate by means of the ANC, M. McCleskey,  Cyclotron Institute, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas USA − A new method to determine spectroscopic factors (SFs) that utilizes asymptotic normalization coefficients (ANCs) has been tested at Texas A&M, using 15C as a test case.  The method would use the ANC to fix the external contribution to a non-peripheral reaction which would otherwise be free to vary to unphysical values in a traditional approach. The investigation consisted of two parts.  First, the ANC for the 14C+n configuration in 15C was determined from the heavy ion neutron transfer reaction 13C(14C,15C)12C and the inverse kinematics reaction d(14C,p)15C. Both of these reactions were measured at sufficiently low energy to be safely peripheral.  Next, a non-peripheral reaction 14C(d,p)15C was measured with an incident deuteron energy of 60 MeV, and this reaction was used along with the previously determined ANC to attempt to find the SF.  The ANC was also used to calculate the astrophysical neutron direct capture rate for 14C(n,g)15C, which was compared with recent direct experimental results.