Reactions With Weakly Bound Cluster Nuclei, Y. Penionzhkevich, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia − Experimental excitation functions are presented for complete fusion and transfer reactions in the interaction of 6He and 6,7,9Li with different targets. In the case of the interaction of weakly bound nuclei the fusion process is more complex character due to the likely higher probability of the nuclei to breakup with subsequent capture of the residual nucleus (incomplete fusion). This greatly complicates the description of the interaction of such systems and leads to new unexpected effects at energies near the Coulomb barrier deeply sub barrier fusion and transfer of clusters from the weakly bound nuclei which are usually characterized by cluster structure.   The results of the present study are of paramount importance for solving astrophysical problems—in particular, for obtaining deeper insight into the mechanism of the production of light elements in the Universe.