Thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma and dynamical formation of Bose condensation, J. Liao, Indiana University & RBRC, USA − In this talk we report a recently proposed scenario for thermalization process of the hot QCD matter during "The First Three Fermi" (/c time) after the "Little Bang" in heavy ion collisions.  Inherent from the saturation in initial conditions, a distinctive feature of the pre-equilibrium system is the over-population of phase space for the gluons, which we argue plays a central role for the thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma.  In particular, the over-population (1) coherently amplifies scattering by 1/αs and makes the system behave as a strongly interaction fluid despite non-equilibrition and small coupling; (2) may lead to the dynamical formation of a Bose condension over the course of thermalization.  We demonstrate these by developing a transport approach of the thermalization problem.  We further show that the electromagnetic production in such pre-equilibrium matter may explain the "excess" observed in PHENIX data.


[1] J-P. Blaizot, F. Gelis, J. Liao, L. McLerran, R. Venugopalan, Nucl. Phys. A873(2012)68-80 [arXiv:1107.5296]; J-P. Blaizot, J. Liao, L. McLerran, to appear; M. Chiu, T. Hemmick, V. Khacahtryan, A. Leonidov, J. Liao, L. McLerran, to appear.