Novel Bose-Einstein Interference Effects in the Passage of a Jet in a Dense Medium, C. Y. Wong; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A. − When a jet collides coherently with many parton scatterers at very high energies, the Bose-Einstein symmetry with respect to the interchange of the virtual bosons leads to a destructive interference of the Feynman amplitudes in most regions but a constructive interference in some other regions of the momentum transfer phase space.  As a consequence, the recoiling scatterers have a tendency to come out collectively along the incident jet direction, each carrying a substantial fraction of the incident jet longitudinal momentum [1].  The manifestation of the Bose-Einstein interference as collective recoils of the scatterers along the jet direction may have been observed in angular correlations of hadrons associated with a high-pT trigger in high-energy AuAu collisions at RHIC [2,3]. 


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