Evaluation of tagging techniques of compound-nuclear gamma-decay probabilities for the indirect determination of neutron capture cross sections, B. Goldblum, University of California, Berkeley,  USA − The absolute surrogate and surrogate ratio method (SRM) were employed to obtain the 92Mo(n,g) cross section in an equivalent neutron energy range of 80 to 880 keV. Excited 93Mo and 95Mo nuclei were populated using the (d,p) reaction.  Both the discrete and statistical tagging approaches to identify the g-decay channel and were examined in terms of their sensitivity to the initial angular momentum population distribution.  The absolute surrogate 92Mo(n,g) cross sections disagreed in both shape and magnitude as compared with evaluated neutron capture data, whereas the results obtained using the SRM trended favorably with the evaluated result.  This work represents the first use of the surrogate method in the determination of neutron capture cross sections on spherical and quasi-spherical nuclei and provides a prescription to extend the SRM to a broader mass range.